Actions are predefined methods for openHAB rules and scripts. They are automatically imported and can be used to execute openHAB-specific operations or to send commands or data to hardware or services.

Some openHAB 1 actions have not yet completed validation for inclusion in the distribution; however, they may indeed work properly under openHAB 2. All openHAB 1 addons can be downloaded in a zip file. We need your help testing them so that they may be easily installed in a future distribution. Please see the compatibility layer documentation and also search the openHAB community forum for the latest information and steps for manual installation.

Name Description


With the Astro actions, you can calculate sunrise and sunset DataTime values in rules.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark can be used to message individuals are rooms when certain events take place in openHAB.

This bundle exposes openHAB rule extensions to be used with the DSC Alarm Binding (1.x binding). It allows the sending of DSC Alarm specific commands from within rules.

The Ecobee Action bundle provides actions such as setting and clearing program holds, sending a text message to the thermostat’s display, renaming a remote wireless sensor, and other functions that cannot be performed by setting object properties.

Logitech Harmony Hub

  • harmonyPressButton(<device>, <command>)

The Homematic action lets you send messages to a Homematic remote control with a display, currently the HM-RC-19-B (Radio remote control 19 button).


This add-on provides SMTP services so your rules and scripts can send e-mails. The to paremeter can contain a semicolon-separated list of email addresses.


This bundle exposes openHAB Rule extensions to be used with the MiOS Binding (1.x).

Publish a message to a topic on an MQTT broker.


Sends push messages to your Android devices.


The OpenWebIf action allows you to send a message to enigma2-based Linux satellite receivers (Dreambox, VU+, Clarke-Tech, …) with the installed OpenWebIf plugin.


The Pebble action service allows you to send pins and notifications directly to your Pebble watch.


Prowl lets you use push notifications on iOS devices (please check openhab.cfg for required configuration settings):

The Pushover action service allows you to notify mobile devices of a message using the Pushover API web service.


The Pushsafer action allows you to notify iOS, Android & Windows 10 Phone & Desktop devices of a message using the Pushsafer API web service.


The Satel Action bundle provides actions to read the event log of the connected alarm system, check current connection status and override configured user code.

Interact directly with your Squeezebox devices from within rules and scripts.


The Telegram Action service allows sending formatted messages to Telegram clients (, by using the Telegram Bot API.

The TinkerForge Action service provides direct interaction with some of the TinkerForge devices.

Twitter can be used to ‘tweet’ notifications when certain events take place in openHAB.


The Weather Action service provides meteorological information to your scripts and rules.

Sends notifications to the Kodi open source home theater software (formerly known as XBMC).

This set of actions allows you to send a message to an XMPP user or multi-user chat, or send a message with an attachment to an XMPP user.


This add-on provides xPL message sending on the network.