AllPlay Binding

This binding integrates devices compatible with Qualcomm AllPlay. The binding uses native libraries for the AllJoyn framework. Libraries for the following platforms are already included in the binding:

  • Linux ARM
  • Linux x86 (32 bit)
  • Linux x86-64 (64 bit)
  • Windows x86 (32 bit)
  • Windows x86-64 (64 bit)

If there is need for another architecture/platform, please open a ticket on GitHub so the missing native library can be added.

Supported Things

All AllPlay compatible speakers are supported by this binding. This includes for example the Panasonic ALL series.


The AllPlay devices are discovered through the AllJoyn discovery mechanism and are put in the Inbox upon discovery.

Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any special configuration

Thing Configuration

AllPlay Players are identified by their device ID.

In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

Thing allplay:speaker:mySpeaker [ deviceId="9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687"]


The devices support the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
control Player Control the speaker, play/pause/next/previous/ffward/rewind
coverart Image Image data of cover art of the current song
coverarturl String URL of the cover art of the current song
currentalbum String Name of the album currently playing
currentartist String Name of the artist currently playing
currentduration Number Duration in seconds of the track currently playing
currentgenre String Genre of the track currently playing
currenttitle String Title of the track currently playing
currenturl String URL of the track or radio station currently playing
currentuserdata String Custom user data (e.g. name of radio station) of the track currently playing
loopmode String Loop mode of the speaker (ONE, ALL, NONE)
mute Switch Set or get the mute state of the master volume of the speaker
playstate String State of the Speaker, e.g. PLAYING, STOPPED,..
shufflemode Switch Toggle the shuffle mode of the speaker
stop Switch Stop the playback
stream String Play the given HTTP or file stream (file:// or http://)
volume Dimmer Get and set the volume of the speaker
volumecontrol Switch Flag if the volume control is enabled (might be disabled if speaker is not master of the zone)
zoneid String Id of the Zone the speaker belongs to

Full Example


Thing allplay:speaker:mySpeaker [ deviceId="9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687"]


String All2Stream                           {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:stream"}
Player All2Control                          {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:control"}
Dimmer All2Volume    "Volume"               {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:volume"}
String All2Title     "Title [%s]"           {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:currenttitle"}
String All2State     "State [%s]"           {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:playstate"}
String All2Artist    "Artist [%s]"          {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:currentartist"}
String All2CoverUrl  "Cover Art URL [%s]"   {channel="allplay:speaker:9fbe37ca-d015-47a2-b76e-8fce7bc25687:coverarturl"}


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
		Frame label="All2" {
			Default item=All2Control
			Slider item=All2Volume
			Text item=All2Title	
			Text item=All2Artist
			Text item=All2State


rule "Play Online Radio stream"
    Item All2OnlineRadio changed to ON