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Energenie Binding

The openHAB Energenie binding allows you to send commands to multiple Gembird energenie PMS-LAN power extenders.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/energenie.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
<pmsId1>.host   Yes IP address of the first PMS-LAN to control
<pmsId1>.password 1 No Password to login to the first PMS-LAN
<pmsId2>.host   Yes Host of the second PMS-LAN to control
<pmsId2>.password   No Password to login to the second PMS-LAN


Item Configuration

The syntax of the configuration strings accepted is the following:


The <deviceId> corresponds to the PMS-LAN which is defined in the configuration.

The <socketID> corresponds to the number of the socket you want to control (1-4).

Examples, how to configure your items in your items file:

Switch Light_OfficeDesk     {energenie="pms1;1"}