Russound Binding

This binding provides integration with any Russound system that support the RIO protocol (all MCA systems, all X systems). This binding provides compatibility with RIO Protocol v1.7 (everything but the Media Managment functionality). The protocol document can be found in the Russound Portal (“RIO Protocol for 3rd Party Integrators.pdf”). Please update to the latest firmware to provide full compatibility with this binding. This binding does provide full feedback from the Russound system if events occur outside of openHAB (such as keypad usage).

Supported Bridges/Things

  • Bridge: Russound System (usually the main controller)
  • Bridge: Russound Controller (1-6 controllers supported)
  • Bridge: Russound Source (1-12 sources supported)
  • Bridge: Russound Bank (1-6 banks supported for any tuner source)
  • Thing: Russound Bank Preset (1-6 presets supported for each bank)
  • Thing: Russound System Favorite (1-32 favorites supported)
  • Bridge: Russound Zone (1-6 zones supported for each controller)
  • Thing: Russound Zone Favorite (1-2 zone favorites for each zone)
  • Thing: Russound Zone Presets (1-36 presets for each zone [corresponds to banks 1-6, presets 1-6 for each bank])

Thing Configuration

The following configurations occur for each of the bridges/things:

Russound System

Name Type Description
ipAddress string IP Address or host name of the russound system (usually main controller)
ping int Interval, in seconds, to ping the system to keep connection alive
retryPolling int Interval, in seconds, to retry a failed connection attempt

Russound System Favorite

Name Type Description
favorite int The favorite # (1-32)

Russound Source

Name Type Description
source int The source # (1-12)

Russound Bank

Name Type Description
bank int The bank # (1-6)

Russound Bank Preset

Name Type Description
preset int The preset # (1-6)

Russound Controller

Name Type Description
controller int The controller address # (1-6)

Russound Zone

Name Type Description
zone int The zone # (1-6)

Russound Zone Favorite

Name Type Description
favorite int The zone favorite # (1-2)

Russound Zone Preset Commands

Name Type Description
preset int The zone preset # (1-36 - corresponds to bank 1-6, preset 1-6)


The following channels are supported for each bridge/thing

Russound System

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
version R String The firmware version of the system
status R Switch Whether any controller/zone is on (or if all are off)
language RW String System language (english, chinese and russian are supported)

Russound System Favorite

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name R String The name of the system favorite (changed by zone favorites)
valid R Switch If system favorite is valid or not (changed by zone favorites)

Russound Source (please see source cross-reference below for what is supported by which sources)

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name R String The name of the source
type R String The type of source
ipaddress R String The IP Address of the source
composername R String The currently playing composer name
channel R String The currently playing channel (usually tuner frequency)
channelname R String The currently playing channel name
genre R String The currently playing genre
artistname R String The currently playing artist name
albumname R String The currently playing album name
coverarturl R String The currently playing URL to the cover art
coverart R Image The currently playing cover art image
playlistname R String The currently playing play list name
songname R String The currently playing song name
mode R String The provider mode or streaming service
shufflemode R String The current shuffle mode
repeatmode R String The current repeat mode
rating R String The rating for the currently played song (can be changed via zone)
programservicename R String The program service name (PSN)
radiotext R String The radio text
radiotext2 R String The radio text (line 2)
radiotext3 R String The radio text (line 3)
radiotext4 R String The radio text (line 4)
volume R String The source’s volume level (undocumented)

Russound Bank

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name R String The name of the bank (changed by SCS-C5 software)

Russound Preset

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name R String The name of the Preset (changed by zone preset commands)
valid R Switch If preset is valid or not (changed by zone preset commands)

Russound Controller

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
type R String The model type of the controller (i.e. “MCA-C5”)
ipaddress R String The IPAddress of the controller (only if it’s the main controller)
macaddress R String The MAC Address of the controller (only if it’s the main controller)

Russound Zone

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
status RW Switch Whether the zone is on or off
name R String The name of the zone (changed by SCS-C5 software)
source RW Number The (physical) number for the current source
volume RW Number The current volume of the zone (0 to 50)
mute RW Switch Whether the zone is muted or not
bass RW Number The bass setting (-10 to 10)
treble RW Number The treble setting (-10 to 10)
balance RW Number The balance setting (-10 [full left] to 10 [full right])
loudness RW Switch Set’s the loudness on/off
turnonvolume RW Number The initial volume when turned on (0 to 50)
donotdisturb RW String The do not disturb setting (on/off/slave)
partymode RW String The party mode (on/off/master)
page R Switch Whether the zone is in paging mode or not
sharedsource R Switch Whether the zone’s source is being shared or not
sleeptimeremaining RW Number Sleep time, in minutes, remaining (0 to 60 in 5 step increments)
lasterror R String The last error that occurred in the zone
enabled R Switch Whether the zone is enabled or not
repeat W Switch Toggle the repeat mode for the current source
shuffle W Switch Toggle the shuffle mode for the current source
rating W Switch Signal a like (ON) or dislike (OFF) to the current source
keypress W String (Advanced) Send a keypress from the zone
keyrelease W String (Advanced) Send a keyrelease from the zone
keyhold W String (Advanced) Send a keyhold from the zone
keycode W String (Advanced) Send a keycode from the zone
event W String (Advanced) Send an event from the zone
  • As of the time of this document, rating ON (like) produced an error in the firmware from the related command. This has been reported to Russound.
  • keypress/keyrelease/keyhold/keycode/event are advanced commands that will pass the related event string to Russound (i.e. “EVENT C[x].Z[y]!KeyPress [stringtype]”). Please see the “RIO Protocol for 3rd Party Integrators.pdf” (found at the Russound Portal) for proper string forms.
  • If you send a OnOffType to the volume will have the same affect as turning the zone on/off (ie sending OnOffType to “status”)
  • The volume PercentType will be scaled to Russound’s volume of 0-50 (ie 50% = volume of 25, 100% = volume of 50)

Russound Zone Favorite

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name RW String The name of the zone favorite (only saved when the ‘savexxx’ cmd is issued)
valid R Switch If favorite is valid or not (‘on’ when favorite is saved, ‘off’ when deleted
cmd W String The favorite command (see note below)

The favorite command channel (“cmd”) supports the following

Command Text Description
savesys Save the associated zone as the a system favorite
restoresys Restores the system favorite to the associated zone
deletesys Deletes the system favorite
savezone Save the associated zone as the a zone favorite
restorezone Restores the zone favorite to the associated zone
deletezone Deletes the zone favorite

Russound Zone Preset Commands

Channel Type ID Read/Write Item Type Description
name RW String The name of the preset (only saved when the ‘save’ preset cmd is issued)
valid R Switch If favorite is valid or not (‘on’ when a preset is saved, ‘off’ when preset is deleted)
cmd W String The preset command (see note below)

The preset command channel (“cmd”) supports the following

Command Text Description
save Save the associated zone as the preset
restore Restores the preset to the associated zone
delete Deletes the preset

Source channel support cross reference

Channel Type ID Sirius XM SMS3 DMS 3.1 Media DMS 3.1 AM/FM iBridge Internal AM/FM Arcam T32 Others
name X X X X X X X X X
type X X X X X X X X X
ipaddress     X X X        
composername X                
channel         X   X    
channelname X X   X       X  
genre X X           X  
artistname X X X X   X      
albumname     X X   X      
coverarturl 1     X          
playlistname     X X   X      
songname X X X X   X      
mode       X          
shufflemode       X   X      
repeatmode       X          
rating       X          
programservicename         X   X    
radiotext         X   X X  
radiotext2               X  
radiotext3               X  
radiotext4               X  
  1. Sirius Internal Radio Only

Full Example

The following is an example of

  1. Main controller (#1) at ipaddress
  2. Two Sources connected to it (#1 is the internal AM/FM and #2 is a DMS 3.1)
  3. Two System favorites (#1 FM 102.9, #2 Pandora on DMS)
  4. One bank (called “FM-1”)
  5. Two presets within the bank (#1 FM 100.7, #2 FM 105.1)
  6. Four zones on the controller (1-4 in various rooms)
  7. Zone 1 has two favorites (#1 Spotify on DMS, #2 Airplay on DMS)
  8. Zone 2 has two presets (#1 corresponds to bank 1/preset 1 [102.9], #2 corresponds to bank1/preset 2 [Pandora])


russound:rio:home [ ipAddress="", ping=30, retryPolling=10 ]
russound:sysfavorite:1 (russound:rio:home) [ favorite=1 ]
russound:sysfavorite:2 (russound:rio:home) [ favorite=2 ]
russound:controller:1 (russound:rio:home) [ controller=1 ] 
russound:source:1 (russound:rio:home) [ source=1 ]
russound:source:2 (russound:rio:home) [ source=2 ]
russound:bank:1 (russound:source:1) [ bank=1 ]
russound:bankpreset:1 (russound:bank:1) [ preset=1 ]
russound:bankpreset:2 (russound:bank:1) [ preset=2 ]
russound:zone:1  (russound:controller:1) [ zone=1 ]
russound:zone:2  (russound:controller:1) [ zone=2 ]
russound:zone:3  (russound:controller:1) [ zone=3 ]
russound:zone:4  (russound:controller:1) [ zone=4 ]
russound:zonefavorite:1 (russound:zone:1) [ favorite=1 ]
russound:zonefavorite:2 (russound:zone:1) [ favorite=2 ]
russound:zonepreset:1 (russound:zone:2) [ preset=1 ]
russound:zonepreset:2 (russound:zone:2) [ preset=2 ]

This is an example of all the items that can be included (regardless of the above setup) .items

String Rio_Version "Version [%s]" { channel="russound:rio:home:version" }
String Rio_Lang "Language [%s]" { channel="russound:rio:home:lang" }
Switch Rio_Status "Status [%s]" { channel="russound:rio:home:status" }
Switch Rio_AllOn "All Zones" { channel="russound:rio:home:allon" }

String Rio_Ctl_Type "Model [%s]" { channel="russound:controller:1:type" }
String Rio_Ctl_IPAddress "IP Address [%s]" { channel="russound:controller:1:ipaddress" }
String Rio_Ctl_MacAddress "MAC [%s]" { channel="russound:controller:1:macaddress" }

String Rio_Zone_Name "Name [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:name" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Status "Status" { channel="russound:zone:1:status" }
Number Rio_Zone_Source "Source [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:source" }
Number Rio_Zone_Bass "Bass [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:bass" }
Number Rio_Zone_Treble "Treble [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:treble" }
Number Rio_Zone_Balance "Balance [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:balance" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Loudness "Loudness [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:loudness" }
Number Rio_Zone_TurnOnVolume "Turn on Volume [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:turnonvolume" }
String Rio_Zone_DoNotDisturb "Do not Disturb [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:donotdisturb" }
String Rio_Zone_PartyMode "Party Mode [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:partymode" }
Dimmer Rio_Zone_Volume "Volume [%s %%]"   { channel="russound:zone:1:volume" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Mute "Mute [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:mute" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Page "Page [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:page" }
Switch Rio_Zone_SharedSource "Shared Source [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:sharedsource" }
Number Rio_Zone_SleepTime "Sleep Time Remaining [%s]"   { channel="russound:zone:1:sleeptimeremaining" }
String Rio_Zone_LastError "Last Error  [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:lasterror" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Enabled "Enabled [%s]" { channel="russound:zone:1:enabled" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Repeat "Toggle Repeat" { channel="russound:zone:1:repeat", autoupdate="false" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Shuffle "Toggle Shuffle" { channel="russound:zone:1:shuffle", autoupdate="false" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Rating "Rating" { channel="russound:zone:1:rating", autoupdate="false" }

String Rio_Src_Name "Name [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:name" }
String Rio_Src_Type "Type [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:type" }
String Rio_Src_IP "IPAddress [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:ipaddress" }
String Rio_Src_Composer "Composer [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:composername" }
String Rio_Src_Channel "Channel [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:channel" }
String Rio_Src_ChannelName "Channel Name [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:channelname" }
String Rio_Src_Genre "Genre [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:genre" }
String Rio_Src_ArtistName "Artist [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:artistname" }
String Rio_Src_AlbumName "Album [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:albumname" }
String Rio_Src_Cover "Cover Art [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:coverarturl" }
String Rio_Src_PlaylistName "PlayList [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:playlistname" }
String Rio_Src_SongName "Song [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:songname" }
String Rio_Src_Mode "Mode [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:mode" }
String Rio_Src_Shuffle "Shuffle [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:shufflemode" }
String Rio_Src_Repeat "Repeat [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:repeatmode" }
String Rio_Src_Rating "Rating [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:rating" }
String Rio_Src_ProgramServiceName "PSN [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:programservicename" }
String Rio_Src_RadioText "Radio Text [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:radiotext" }
String Rio_Src_RadioText2 "Radio Text #2 [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:radiotext2" }
String Rio_Src_RadioText3 "Radio Text #3 [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:radiotext3" }
String Rio_Src_RadioText4 "Radio Text #4 [%s]" { channel="russound:source:1:radiotext4" }

String Rio_Sys_Favorite_Name "Name1 [%s]" { channel="russound:sysfavorite:1:name" }
Switch Rio_Sys_Favorite_Valid "Valid1 [%s]" { channel="russound:sysfavorite:1:valid" }
String Rio_Sys_Favorite_Name2 "Name2 [%s]" { channel="russound:sysfavorite:2:name" }
Switch Rio_Sys_Favorite_Valid2 "Valid2 [%s]" { channel="russound:sysfavorite:2:valid" }

String Rio_Zone_Favorite_Name "Name [%s]" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:1:name" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Favorite_Valid "Valid [%s]" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:1:valid", autoupdate="false" }
String Rio_Zone_Favorite_Cmd "Command" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:1:cmd" }
String Rio_Zone_Favorite_Name2 "Name2 [%s]" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:2:name" }
Switch Rio_Zone_Favorite_Valid2 "Valid2 [%s]" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:2:valid", autoupdate="false" }
String Rio_Zone_Favorite_Cmd2 "Command2" { channel="russound:zonefavorite:2:cmd"  }

String Rio_Src_Bank_Name "Name [%s]" { channel="russound:bank:1:name" }

String Rio_Bank_Preset_Name "Name [%s]" { channel="russound:bankpreset:1:name" }
Switch Rio_Bank_Preset_Valid "Valid [%s]" { channel="russound:bankpreset:1:valid" }
String Rio_Bank_Preset_Name2 "Name2 [%s]" { channel="russound:bankpreset:2:name" }
Switch Rio_Bank_Preset_Valid2 "Valid2 [%s]" { channel="russound:bankpreset:2:valid" }

String Rio_Zone_Preset_Cmd "Command" { channel="russound:zonepreset:1:cmd"  }
String Rio_Zone_Preset_Cmd2 "Command2" { channel="russound:zonepreset:2:cmd"  }


Frame label="Russound" {
 Text label="System" {
  Text item=Rio_Version
  Text item=Rio_Status
  Selection item=Rio_Lang mappings=[ENGLISH="English", RUSSIAN="Russian", CHINESE="Chinese"]
  Switch item=Rio_AllOn
  Text label="Favorites" {
   Text item=Rio_Sys_Favorite_Name
   Text item=Rio_Sys_Favorite_Valid
   Text item=Rio_Sys_Favorite_Name2
   Text item=Rio_Sys_Favorite_Valid2
 Text label="Source 1" {
  Text label="Bank 1" {
   Text item=Rio_Src_Bank_Name
   Text label="Presets" {
    Text item=Rio_Bank_Preset_Name
    Text item=Rio_Bank_Preset_Valid
    Text item=Rio_Bank_Preset_Name2
    Text item=Rio_Bank_Preset_Valid2
 Text label="Controller 1" {
  Text item=Rio_Ctl_Type
  Text item=Rio_Ctl_IPAddress
  Text item=Rio_Ctl_MacAddress
  Text label="Zone 1" {
   Text item=Rio_Zone_Name
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Status
   Selection item=Rio_Zone_Source mappings=[1="Room1", 2="Room2", 3="Room3", 4="Room4"]
   Setpoint item=Rio_Zone_Bass
   Setpoint item=Rio_Zone_Treble
   Setpoint item=Rio_Zone_Balance
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Loudness
   Setpoint item=Rio_Zone_TurnOnVolume 
   Selection item=Rio_Zone_DoNotDisturb mappings=[ON="On", OFF="Off", SLAVE="Slave"]
   Selection item=Rio_Zone_PartyMode mappings=[ON="On", OFF="Off", MASTER="Master"]
   Slider item=Rio_Zone_Volume
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Mute
   Text item=Rio_Zone_Page
   Text item=Rio_Zone_SharedSource
   Setpoint item=Rio_Zone_SleepTime minValue="0" maxValue="60" step="5"
   Text item=Rio_Zone_LastError
   Text item=Rio_Zone_Enabled
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Shuffle mappings=[ON="Toggle"]
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Repeat mappings=[ON="Toggle"]
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Rating mappings=[ON="Like"]
   Switch item=Rio_Zone_Rating mappings=[OFF="Dislike"]

   Text label="Source" {
    Text item= Rio_Src_Type
    Text item= Rio_Src_IP
    Text item= Rio_Src_Composer
    Text item= Rio_Src_Channel
    Text item= Rio_Src_ChannelName
    Text item= Rio_Src_Genre
    Text item= Rio_Src_ArtistName
    Text item= Rio_Src_AlbumName
    Text item= Rio_Src_Cover
    Image item= Rio_Src_Cover
    Text item= Rio_Src_PlaylistName
    Text item= Rio_Src_SongName
    Text item= Rio_Src_Mode
    Text item= Rio_Src_Shuffle
    Text item= Rio_Src_Repeat
    Text item= Rio_Src_Rating
    Text item= Rio_Src_ProgramServiceName
    Text item= Rio_Src_RadioText
    Text item= Rio_Src_RadioText2
    Text item= Rio_Src_RadioText3
    Text item= Rio_Src_RadioText4
   Text label="Favorite" {
    Text item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Name
    Text item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Valid
    Selection item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Cmd mappings=[savezone="Save Zone", restorezone="Restore Zone", deletezone="Delete Zone", savesys="Save System", restoresys="Restore System", deletesys="Delete System"]
    Text item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Name2
    Text item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Valid2
    Selection item=Rio_Zone_Favorite_Cmd2 mappings=[savezone="Save Zone", restorezone="Restore Zone", deletezone="Delete Zone", savesys="Save System", restoresys="Restore System", deletesys="Delete System"]

   Text label="Preset" {
    Selection item=Rio_Zone_Preset_Cmd mappings=[save="Save", restore="Restore", delete="Delete"]
    Selection item=Rio_Zone_Preset_Cmd2 mappings=[save="Save", restore="Restore", delete="Delete"]