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Please use the link below to be redirected to the new version of this article, and update your bookmarks. Relay Board Binding

This binding provides support for relay board available from (site in Polish)

Binding Configuration

This binding must be configured in the file services/ucprelayboard.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
board.<name>.port   Yes Name of the serial device to which the board is connected
board.<name>.baud 57600 No Baud rate for the serial device
refresh 60000 No Refresh of relay board state interval in miliseconds (60000 is one minute)


  • <name> is a name you choose, and you can specify more than one board.

Item Configuration

Only Switch items are supported.



  • <name> is a name you configured in the binding configuration
  • <number> is the index of the relay on the board you wish to switch
  • [;inverted=true] an optional section that inverts the meaning of ON and OFF