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Exec Transformation Service

Transforms an input string with an external program.

Executes an external program and returns the output as a string. In the given command line the placeholder %s is substituted with the input value.

The external program must either be in the executable search path of the server process, or an absolute path has to be used.


General Setup


This will replace the visible label in the UI with the transformation you apply with the command .

String yourItem "Some info  [EXEC(/absolute/path/to/your/<TransformProgram> %s):%s]"


rule "Your Rule Name"
    Item YourTriggeringItem changed
    var formatted = transform("EXEC","/absolute/path/to/your/<TransformProgram>", YourTriggeringItem.state.toString)

Example with a program

Substitute the /absolute/path/to/your/<TransformProgram> with

/bin/date -v1d -v+1m -v-1d -v-%s

When the input argument for %s is fri the execution returns a string with the last weekday of the month, formated as readable text.

Fri 31 Mar 2017 13:58:47 IST`

Or replace it with

numfmt --to=iec-i --suffix=B --padding=7 %s

When the input argument for %s is 1234567 it will return the bytes formated in a better readable form


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