List of Available Bindings

2.0 Bindings

Binding Description
digitalSTROM This binding integrates the digitalSTROM-System.
FS Internet Radio This binding integrates internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset.
Philips Hue This binding integrates the Philips Hue Lighting system.
LIFX This binding integrates the LIFX LED Lights. All LIFX lights are directly connected to the WLAN and the binding communicates with them over a UDP protocol.
NTP The NTP binding is used for displaying the local date and time based update from an NTP server.
Sonos This binding integrates the Sonos Multi-Room Audio system.
Belkin Wemo This binding integrates the Belkin WeMo Family.
YahooWeather This binding uses the Yahoo Weather service for providing current weather information.
AllPlay This binding integrates devices compatible with Qualcomm AllPlay.
Amazon Dash Button The Amazon Dash Button is a very cheap device in order to integrate it in your home automation setup.
Astro The Astro binding is used for calculating many DateTime and positional values for sun and moon.
Autelis Pool Control Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. See the Autelis website and the Autelis Command Protocol for more information.
AVM FRITZ! The binding integrates the AHA ( AVM Home Automation ) system.
Chromecast The binding integrates Google Chromecast streaming devices.
CoolMasterNet The CoolMasterNet binding is used to control CoolMasterNet HVAC bridge devices, using the ‘ASCII I/F’ plaintext TCP control protocol.
DSC Alarm This is an OpenHAB binding for a DSC PowerSeries Alarm System utilizing the EyezOn Envisalink 3/2DS interface or the DSC IT-100 RS-232 interface.
Exec This binding integrates the possibility to execute arbitrary shell commands.
Feed This binding allows you to integrate feeds in the OpenHAB environment.
Freebox This binding integrates the Freebox Revolution to your openHab installation.
GlobalCache The GlobalCache binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and GlobalCache GC-100 and iTach family of devices. Global Cache devices enable the control and automation of infrared, serial, and contact closure devices through an IP network (wired or wireless).
Logitech Harmony Hub The Harmony Hub binding is used to enable communication between openHAB2 and multiple Logitech Harmony Hub devices. The API exposed by the Harmony Hub is relatively limited, but it does allow for reading the current activity as well as setting the activity and sending device commands.
Hunter Douglas PowerView This is an openHAB binding for the Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized Shades via the PowerView Hub.
Homematic This is the binding for the eQ-3 Homematic Solution.
IPP This binding integrates printers, which implement the Internet Printing protocol (IPP). This is the successor of the CUPS binding.
Keba This binding integrates the Keba KeContact EV Charging Stations.
Kodi Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is an free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more.
Kostal inverter Scrapes the web interface of the inverter for the metrics of the supported channels below.
Lutron This binding integrates with Lutron light control systems.
MAX! This is the binding for the eQ-3 MAX! Home Solution.
Meteostick This is the binding for the Meteostick weather receiver dongle. This is an RF receiver that can receive data directly from Davis weather devices (and others)
Miele@home This binding integrates Miele@home appliances. Miele@home is a Zigbee based network to interconnect and control Miele appliances that are equipped with special modules. See for the list of available appliances.
Milight The openHAB2 Milight binding allows to send commands to multiple Milight bridges.
Minecraft This binding integrates Minecraft with openHAB through the spigot plugin (sources).
Netatmo The Netatmo binding integrates the following Netatmo products :
Network This binding allows to check, whether a device is currently available on the network.
Oceanic This binding integrates the Oceanic water softener and management system ( The binding supports the Limex IQ and Limex Pro water softeners. The Oceanic systems are also distributed by Syr in Germany ( In order to integrate the Limex into openHAB, the optional CAN-Serial gateway has to be installed
Onkyo This binding integrates the Onkyo AV receivers.
OpenSprinkler This binding allows allows basic control of the OpenSprinkler and OpenSprinkler PI (Plus) devices. Stations can be controlled to be turned on or off and rain sensor state can be read.
Orvibo This binding integrates Orvibo devices that communicate using UDP. Primarily this was designed for S20 Wifi Sockets but other products using the same protocol may be implemented in future.
PioneerAVR Configuration The binding can auto-discover the Pioneer AVRs present on your local network. The auto-discovery is enabled by default. To disable it, you can create a file in the services directory called pioneeravr.cfg with the following content:
Pulseaudio This binding integrates pulseaudio devices.
RFXCOM This binding integrates large number of sensors and actuators from several different manufactures through RFXCOM transceivers.
RME This binding integrates the RME RainManager rain water pump and management system
Russound This binding provides integration with any Russound system that support the RIO protocol (all MCA systems, all X systems). This binding provides compatibility with RIO Protocol v1.7 (everything but the Media Managment functionality). The protocol document can be found in the Russound Portal (‘RIO Protocol for 3rd Party Integrators.pdf’). Please update to the latest firmware to provide full compatibility with this binding. This binding does provide full feedback from the Russound system if events occur outside of openHAB (such as keypad usage).
Samsung TV This binding integrates the Samsung TV’s.
Silvercrest Wifi Plug This binding integrates the Silvercrest Wifi Socket SWS-A1 sold by Lidl.
SMA Energy Meter This Binding is used to display the measured values of a SMA Energy Meter device. It shows purchased and grid feed-in power and energy.
Logitech Squeezebox This binding integrates the Logitech Media Server and compatible Squeeze players.
Systeminfo System information Binding provides operating system and hardware information including:
Tellstick This is an openHAB binding for Tellstick devices produced by Telldus, a Swedish company based in Lund.
Tesla This binding integrates the Tesla Electrical Vehicle.
Toon The Toon bindings shows among others current room temperature, setpoint, energy and gas usage information.
Somfy URTSI II The addressable Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II) can be used to communicate between home automation or other third party systems and SOMFY’s RTS Motors and controls. It is capable of individual or group control, and can be operated via infrared remote, RS232 and RS485 serial communication. Once an input is activated, an RTS radio command is sent to the automated window treatment.
Vitotronic Viessmann heating systems with Vitotronic has a optolink Interface for maintenance.
Yamahareceiver This binding connects openHAB with Yamaha Receivers of product line CX-A5000, RX-A30xx, RX-A20xx, RX-A10xx, RX-Vxxx, RX-Z7, DSP-Z7, RX-S600, HTR-xxxx.
ZWave The ZWave binding supports an interface to a wireless Z-Wave home automation network.
Z-Way Z-Way is a software to configure and control a Z-Wave network. The software comes with a full stack from Z-Wave transceiver with certified firmware to a REST API on high level.

Compatible 1.x Add-ons

Add-on Type
Anel Binding
Astro Binding
Comfo Air Binding
Denon Binding
DMX (OLA) Binding
Ecobee Action
Ecobee Binding
EDS OWServer Binding
Energenie Binding
Enocean Binding
Enphaseenergy Binding
Epsonprojector Binding
Exec Binding
Freebox Binding
Freeswitch Binding
FS20 Binding
Heatmiser Binding
Homematic Binding
HTTP Binding
IHC Binding
Intertechno Binding
IRtrans Binding
KNX Binding
LCN Binding
Milight Binding
MiOS Binding
Modbus Binding
MQTT Binding
MyQ Binding
NeoHub Binding
Nest Binding
Netatmo Binding
Networkhealth Binding
Nibeheatpump Binding
NTP Binding
Onkyo Binding
OpenEnergyMonitor Binding
OneWire Binding
RFXCOM Binding
RWE SmartHome Binding
Samsung AC Binding
Sapp Binding
Satel Binding
Serial Binding
SNMP Binding
SwegonVentilation Binding
SystemInfo Binding
TCP Binding
Tellstick Binding
Tinkerforge Binding
Weather Binding
WOL Binding
XBMC Binding
ZWave Binding
InfluxDB Persistence
rrd4j Persistence
MySQL Persistence
MongoDB Persistence
JPA Persistence
Mail Action
MiOS Action
Pushover Action
Telegram Action
XBMC Action
XMPP Action
GoogleTTS TTS engine
MaryTTS TTS engine

Currently Incompatible 1.x Add-ons:

Add-on Type Reason
CalDAV Binding see issue 4074
InsteonPLM Binding see issue 3922
SagerCaster Binding Not following the architecture guidelines, see issue 3754
Logging Persistence openHAB 2 does not use logback anymore

Compatible Applications

Application Description
iot_bridge Bridge between ROS Robot Operating System and openHAB