Sonos Binding

This binding integrates the Sonos Multi-Room Audio system.

Supported Things

All available Sonos (playback) devices are supported by this binding. This includes the Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Connect, Connect:Amp, Playbar, and Sub. The Bridge and Boost are not supported, but these devices do only have an auxiliary role in the Sonos network and do not have any playback capability.

When being defined in a *.things file, the specific thing types PLAY1, PLAY3, PLAY5, PLAYBAR, CONNECT and CONNECTAMP should be used.


The Sonos devices are discovered through UPnP in the local network and all devices are put in the Inbox. Beware that all Sonos devices have to added to the local Sonos installation as described in the Sonos setup procedure, e.g. through the Sonos Controller software or smartphone app.

Binding Configuration

The binding does not require any special configuration

Thing Configuration

The Sonos Thing requires the UPnP UDN (Unique Device Name) as a configuration value in order for the binding to know how to access it. All the Sonos UDN have the “RINCON_000E58D8403A0XXXX” format. Additionally, a refresh interval, used to poll the Sonos device, can be specified (in seconds) In the thing file, this looks e.g. like Thing sonos:PLAY1:1 [ udn="RINCON_000E58D8403A0XXXX", refresh=60]


All devices support the following channels (non-exhaustive):

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
currenttrack String This channel indicates the name of the track or radio station currently playing
playlinein String This channel supports playing the audio source connected to the line-in of the zoneplayer identified by the Thing UID or UPnP UDN provided by the String.
volume Dimmer This channel supports setting the master volume of the zoneplayer
control Player This channel supports controlling the zoneplayer, e.g. start/stop/next/previous

Full Example


Thing sonos:PLAY3:1 [ udn="RINCON_000E58D8403A0XXXX", refresh=60]


Dimmer Volume {channel="sonos:PLAY3:1:volume"}
String LineInUDN {channel="sonos:PLAY3:1:playlinein"}
Player Controller (controllerGroup) {channel="sonos:PLAY3:1:control"}


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
		Frame label="Sonos" {
			Group item=controllerGroup label="Sonos" icon="settings"
			Slider item=Volume  label="Sonos - Volume [%.1f %%]" 
			Text item=CurrentTrack label="Sonos - Current Track  [%s]"