#openHAB Hue Emulation Service

Hue Emulation exposes openHAB items as Hue devices to other Hue HTTP API compatible applications like an Amazon Echo.


  • UPNP automatic discovery
  • Support ON/OFF and Percent/Decimal item types
  • Can expose any type of item, not just lights
  • Pairing (security) can be enabled/disabled in real time using the configuration service (under services in the PaperUI for example)


Pairing can be turned on and off:


Device Tagging

To expose an item on the service, apply a supported tag (which are “Lighting”, “Switchable”, “TargetTemperature”) to it. The item label will be used as the Hue device name.

Switch  TestSwitch1     "Kitchen Switch" [ "Switchable" ]
Switch  TestSwitch2     "Bathroom" [ "Lighting" ]
Dimmer  TestDimmer3     "Hallway" [ "Lighting" ]
Number  TestNumber4     "Temperature Set Point" [ "TargetTemperature" ]