openHAB 2 on Windows

The following instructions will guide you through the process of setting up openHAB 2.


First, be sure to check that your system has the necessary prerequisites.

Add the JAVA_HOME System Environment Variable in Windows. Navigate to:

  • Control Panel ➡️ System and Security ➡️ System ➡️ Advanced System Settings ➡️ Environment Variables ➡️ System Variables

Create a New System Variable based on your Java installation directory:


The directory that openHAB is installed to must contain no spaces. On this page, we will be using C:\openHAB2 as an example.


The openHAB runtime is distributed using a platform-independent zip file. To install it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose between the Stable Version Download or the latest Snapshot Version Download of openHAB2.

  2. Unzip the file in your chosen directory (e.g. C:\openHAB2)

openHAB 2 Folders

  1. Start the server: Launch the runtime by executing the script C:\openHAB2\start.bat and wait a while for it to start and complete.


  1. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080. You should be looking at the openHAB package selection page. When you’ve selected an appropriate package, this page will contain the UI selection screen.

File Locations

Assuming a successful install, you will now have various folders inside C:\openHAB2:

  Windows Installation
openHAB application C:\openHAB2\runtime
Additional add-on files C:\openHAB2\addons
Site configuration C:\openHAB2\conf
Log files C:\openHAB2\userdata\logs
Userdata like rrd4j databases C:\openHAB2\userdata
Service configuration C:\openHAB2\userdata\etc


Make sure that you make regular backups of the conf and userdata folders, you can zip and unzip these folders too and from openHAB installations (even across most versions). When you have a setup that you are happy with, it would be a good idea to make a backup of the whole C:\openHAB2 folder. Which can be used any time after a failure.

Updating the openHAB Runtime

There is currently no automatic update script for Windows. To update manually, download a later version of the openHAB distribution zip file and follow these steps:

  1. Stop the openHAB process if it is currently running.
  2. Backup openHAB as described above.
  3. Delete the following files from your existing install:
    • userdata\etc\all.policy
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\
    • userdata\etc\profile.cfg
    • userdata\etc\
    • Any file in userdata\etc that starts with org.apache.karaf
    • The userdata\cache folder
    • The userdata\tmp folder
  4. Copy and paste the new userdata folder over your existing install, when prompted do not overwrite existing files.
  5. Copy and paste the new runtime folder over your existing install, when prompted overwrite all existing files

Starting openHAB as a service

(work in progress…)