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Weather Actions

The Weather Action service provides meteorological information to your scripts and rules.

  • getHumidex(double temperature, int hygro): Compute the Humidex index given temperature in Celsius and hygrometry (relative percent). Returns Humidex index value.
  • getBeaufortIndex(double speed): Compute the Beaufort scale for a given wind speed in m/s. Returns the Beaufort Index between 0 and 12. transform/
1=Light air
2=Light breeze
3=Gentle breeze
4=Moderate breeze
5=Fresh breeze
6=Strong breeze
7=High wind
9=Strong/severe gale
11=Violent storm
12=Hurricane force
  • getSeaLevelPressure(double pressure, double temp, double altitude): Compute the Sea Level Pressure, given absolute pressure in hPa, temperature in Celsius, and altitude in meters. Returns equivalent sea level pressure.
  • getWindDirection(int degree): Transform an orientation angle (in degrees) to its cardinal string equivalent. Returns string representing the direction.