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DIYOnXBee Binding

The openHAB DIYOnXBee binding allows interaction with self built (DIY) hardware that communicate via XBee modules.


The XBee connected to openHAB has to be configured to run in API mode.

Binding Configuration

The binding may be configured in the file services/diyonxbee.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
serialPort   Yes The serial port on which to connect
baudRate 9600 No The baud rate to use

Item Configuration

A binding beginning with < defines an input, while a binding beginning with > defines an output.





Number  Living_Temperature      "Temperatur [%.1f °C]"          <temperature>   (GF_Living)     { diyonxbee="<0013A20040B40F18:Temperature" }
Switch  Living_Motion           "Bewegung [MAP(]"     <present>       (GF_Living,GPresence)   { diyonxbee="<0013A20040B40F18:MOTION" }
Color   Living_Stripe           "Living RGB Stripe"          <lights>   (GF_Living)     { diyonxbee="<0013A20040B40F18:Stripe" }



The protocol is text-based to allow simple development/debugging of the Arduino code even without using the XBee (any serial console will do).

For the pure sensors, the Arduino has to send lines conaining key=value. From the example item configuration above, a valid message would be:


For the actors, the Arduino has to send the received command back to the sender; this ensures that the openHAB item state is only updated when the command was correctly understood.

Currently, RGB LED stripes (openHAB type Color), switches and dimmers are supported.

Sample Arduino Sketch

There is an Arduino library with example here.