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ARF Roller blind module

This describes the Z-Wave device ARF, manufactured by Fakro with the thing type UID of fakro_arf_00_000.

The device is in the category of Blinds, defining Roller shutters, window blinds, etc..

ARF product image

The ARF supports routing. This allows the device to communicate using other routing enabled devices as intermediate routers. This device is also able to participate in the routing of data from other devices.


The ARF blackout blind is a stylish, decorative blind with runners at the sides to allow the blind to be posi tioned anywhere on the window. It also prevents daylight entering at the sides, thus providing a complete blackout.

The ARF Z-Wave blackout blind has a built in 12V electric drive which enables operation at 12V blinds by remote control or wall switch. The standard version of the action blinds ARF Z-Wave is only possible with the window closed.

Inclusion Information

Start INCLUDE procedure with the controller of existing network and then press programming button P on the roller shutter being added to the network.

Exclusion Information

Start EXCLUDE procedure with the controller of existing network and then press programming button P on the roller shutter being added to the network.


The following table summarises the channels available for the ARF -:

Channel Channel Id Category Item Type
Switch switch_binary Switch Switch
Dimmer switch_dimmer DimmableLight Dimmer
Alarm (power) alarm_power Door Switch


Switch the power on and off.

The switch_binary channel supports the Switch item and is in the Switch category.


The brightness channel allows to control the brightness of a light. It is also possible to switch the light on and off.

The switch_dimmer channel supports the Dimmer item and is in the DimmableLight category.

Alarm (power)

Indicates if a power alarm is triggered.

The alarm_power channel supports the Switch item and is in the Door category. This is a read only channel so will only be updated following state changes from the device.

The following state translation is provided for this channel to the Switch item type -:

Value Label
ON Alarm

Device Configuration

The device has no configuration parameters configured.

Association Groups

Association groups allow the device to send unsolicited reports to the controller, or other devices in the network. Using association groups can allow you to eliminate polling, providing instant feedback of a device state change without unnecessary network traffic.

The device does not support associations.

Technical Information


Endpoint 0

Command Class Comment

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