507900 Wall Dimmer Module - Flush Mounted

This describes the Z-Wave device 507900, manufactured by Merten with the thing type UID of merten_507900_00_000.

Wall Dimmer Module - Flush Mounted


The flush-mounted CONNECT radio receiver, 1-gang universal dimmer, will be referred to below as “dimmer”.

The dimmer is used to switch and dim luminaires (see technical data) via radio signal and via an extension push-button connected directly to the dimmer.

The dimmer automatically recognises the connected load, is overload-proof, short-circuit-proof and hum-free, and has a soft start function which slowly dims up a connected load.

Inclusion Information

Teaching (transmits Node info frame), see CONNECT radio system description

Exclusion Information

Reset to the factory settings; de- lete everything taught

Wakeup Information

Triple click on the switch button


The following table summarises the channels available for the 507900 Wall Dimmer Module - Flush Mounted.

Channel Channel Id Channel Type UID Category Item Type
Dimmer switch_dimmer switch_dimmer DimmableLight Dimmer


Restore Last Value

Restore Last Dimming level on ON.

Property Value      
Configuration ID config_restoreLastValue      
Data Type BOOLEAN   Default Value true
Options Restore Last Value (true)      
  Restore Full Brightness (false)      

Device Configuration

The following table provides a summary of the configuration parameters available in the 507900 Wall Dimmer Module - Flush Mounted. Detailed information on each parameter can be found below.

Parameter Description
196: Dimmer speed Set dimming speed. fast=0 … 240=slow.
1: Group 1  

196: Dimmer speed

Set dimming speed. fast=0 … 240=slow.

Property Value
Configuration ID config_196_1
Range 0 to 240
Default Value 0

1: Group 1

Property Value
Configuration ID group_1
Data Type TEXT
Range to

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