Zwave Clamp Clamp Energy Meter

This describes the Z-Wave device Zwave Clamp, manufactured by Seco with the thing type UID of seco_clamp_00_000.

Clamp Energy Meter


The following table summarises the channels available for the Zwave Clamp Clamp Energy Meter.

Channel Channel Id Channel Type UID Category Item Type
Electric meter (amps) meter_current meter_current Energy Number
Electric meter (watts) meter_watts meter_watts Energy Number
Electric meter (kWh) meter_kwh meter_kwh Energy Number
Electric meter (volts) meter_voltage meter_voltage Energy Number
Clock Time Offset time_offset time_offset Temperature Number

Clock Time Offset

Automatic Update Offset

The number of seconds difference in the time before it is reset
Setting this will automatically update the devices clock when the time difference between the device, and the computer exceeds this number of seconds.

Property Value      
Configuration ID config_offset      
Data Type INTEGER      
Range 10 to 600   Default Value 60
Options Disable Auto Update (0)      

Device Configuration

The following table provides a summary of the configuration parameters available in the Zwave Clamp Clamp Energy Meter. Detailed information on each parameter can be found below.

| Parameter | Description | |————-|————-|

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