GR-105 Water Shutoff Valve

This describes the Z-Wave device GR-105, manufactured by UFairy G.R. Tech with the thing type UID of ufairy_gr105_00_000.

Water Shutoff Valve


This valve clamps onto your existing valve, allowing you to open/close the valve via Z-Wave as soon as you notice a problem.

Inclusion Information

With controller in inclusion mode, triple-press valve button within 1 second to include.

Exclusion Information

With controller in exclusion mode, triple-press valve button within 1 second to exclude.

Holding the valve button for more than 10 seconds resets to factory default settings.


The following table summarises the channels available for the GR-105 Water Shutoff Valve.

Channel Channel Id Channel Type UID Category Item Type
Switch switch_binary switch_binary Switch Switch

Device Configuration

The following table provides a summary of the configuration parameters available in the GR-105 Water Shutoff Valve. Detailed information on each parameter can be found below.

| Parameter | Description | |————-|————-|

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