Cisco Spark Action

Cisco Spark can be used to message individuals are rooms when certain events take place in openHAB.


Configuration is very easy and only required an access token. To obtain this token, first log in to Spark for Developers and add a new App. Make sure to select ‘Create a Bot’ and fill in the required fields. Once completed, you will be presented with an access token.

Next, configure openHAB with the access token by adding following line to the file services/ciscospark.cfg:

accessToken= << access token from Spark for Developers >>

There’s an optional convenience configuration option that allows you to set a default room to which you want Spark to send messages so you don’t have to include it in each action request.

defaultRoomId= << UUID of the default room >>

Note: you can find the uuids for rooms when using the web client for Cisco Spark. When you navigate to a room, the uuid can be copied from the browsers location bar. The uuid looks like this: 24c617f0-fbe4-11e5-be0f-2fe93bbeddd9


Send a message to a specific room

sparkMessage('message', 'roomId') 

Send a message to the default room (from config)


Send a direct message to a person

sparkPerson('message', 'personEmail')