Bindings connect your smart home’s devices and technologies to openHAB.

Bindings developed for openHAB 2 use the Eclipse SmartHome APIs. They support things and channels, and many support automatic discovery of things. These newer bindings can be the easiest to use.

Most bindings developed for openHAB 1 can also be used in openHAB 2. These bindings are connected directly to items by editing text files.

A binding is considered legacy when another binding obsoletes it. For many openHAB 1 bindings, there is a new openHAB 2 binding to replace it. In order to install legacy bindings, enable "Include Legacy 1.x Bindings" through either the Paper UI or in the file services/addons.cfg.

Many openHAB 1 bindings have not yet completed validation for inclusion in the distribution; however, they may indeed work properly under openHAB 2. All openHAB 1 addons can be downloaded in a zip file (1.9.0). We need your help testing them so that they may be easily installed in a future distribution. Please see the compatibility layer documentation and also search the openHAB community forum for the latest information and steps for manual installation.

Name Description

This binding uses the service for providing air quality information for any location worldwide.


This binding is for users coming from the proprietary homeautomation-system ‘IP-Symcon’. If you have bought some hardware from them, you can use this binding to enable your AKM868 presence detection system.

The Alarm Decoder is a hardware adapter that interfaces with Ademco/Honeywell alarm panels. It acts essentially like a keypad, reading and writing messages on a serial bus that connects keypads with the main panel.

This binding integrates devices compatible with Qualcomm AllPlay.

The Amazon Dash Button is a very cheap device in order to integrate it in your home automation setup.

Monitor and control Anel NET-PwrCtrl devices.

The Asterisk binding is used to enable communication between openhab and the free and open source PBX solution Asterisk. This binding detects incoming phone calls or if someone makes a phone call. In combination with other bindings (e.g., the Samsung TV Binding) you can display caller IDs on your TV.


The Astro binding is used for calculating


The Astro binding is used for calculating many DateTime and positional values for sun and moon and for scheduling of events.

This binding integrates Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3 HdBaseT matrix switches Atlona AT-UHD-PRO3 HdBaseT matrix switches into your openHAB installation.

Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. See the Autelis website and the Autelis Command Protocol for more information.

Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. See the Autelis website and the Autelis Command Protocol for more information.

The binding integrates the AHA ( AVM Home Automation ) system.

This binding is designed to interface with BenQ projectors that have an RS232 interface on them that accepts the commands documented by BenQ here.

The BigAssFan binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and Big Ass Fans’ Haiku family of residential fans that implement the SenseME technology.

The Bluetooth binding is used to connect openHAB with a Bluetooth device. With it, you can make openHAB react to Bluetooth devices that come in range of your network.

Bosch Indego

This is the Binding for Bosch Indego Connect lawn mowers.

The openHAB Bticino binding allows openHAB to connect to Bticino My Home Automation installations by OpenWebNet protocol.

CalDAV Command

This binding can be used to connect through the CalDAV Interface to calendars.

CalDAV Personal

This binding can be used to connect through the CalDAV Interface to calendars.

The binding integrates Google Chromecast streaming devices.


This binding should be compatible with the Zehnder ComfoAir 350 ventilation system. ComfoAir 550 is untested but should supposedly use the same protocol. The same is true for the device WHR930 of StorkAir, G90-380 by Wernig and Santos 370 DC to Paul.


With this binding it is possible to dynamically change settings that are defined in the Configuration Admin Manager of OSGi, where all configuration data are kept for openHAB. The various .cfg files are as such used to define the initial configuration, while you can use this binding to change values during runtime, simply by sending a command to an item.

The CoolMasterNet binding is used to control CoolMasterNet HVAC bridge devices, using the ‘ASCII I/F’ plaintext TCP control protocol.

The openHAB CUPS binding allows interaction with printers and their print queues via a CUPS server.

The Daikin binding allows monitoring and control of a Daikin air conditioner or heat pump, through either the KKRP01A wired module or the BRP072A42 wireless module.

The openHAB Davis binding supports reading data from Davis weather stations. Most Davis weather stations should be supported.

The openHAB DD-WRT Binding allows interaction with a DD-WRT device.

The openHAB Denon Binding allows interaction with Denon AV receivers. It should be compatible with previous generation receivers such as AVR-X2000/X3000, as well as current ones such as X2100W/X3100W.

This binding integrates the digitalSTROM-System.

The openHAB digitalSTROM binding allows interaction with digitalSTROM devices.

The openHAB DIYOnXBee binding allows interaction with self built (DIY) hardware that communicate via XBee modules.

A binding for D-Link Smart Home devices.


The openHAB DMX binding can control DMX devices like RGB LED strips, dimmers

The DSC PowerSeries Alarm System is a popular do-it-yourself home security system, which can be monitored and controlled remotely through a standard web-browser or mobile device.

This binding mintors and controls the DSC PowerSeries Alarm System, utilizing the EyezOn Envisalink 3/2DS interface or the DSC IT-100 RS-232 interface.


The openHAB DSMR binding is targeted for Dutch users having a smart meter (‘Slimme meter’ in Dutch). Data of Dutch smart meters can be obtained via the P1-port. When connecting this port from a serial port the data can be read out.

The eBUS binding allows you to control your heating system. The eBUS protocol is used by heating system vendors like Wolf, Vaillant, Kromschröder etc. You can read temperatures, pump performance, gas consumption etc.

Ecobee Inc. of Toronto, Canada, sells a range of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, principally in the Americas. The EMS, EMS Si, Smart, Smart Si and ecobee3 models are supported by this binding, which communicates with the Ecobee API over a secure, RESTful API to Ecobee’s servers. Monitoring ambient temperature and humidity, changing HVAC mode, changing heat or cool setpoints, changing the backlight intensity, and even sending textual messages to one or a group of thermostats, can be accomplished through this binding.

The openHAB EcoTouch binding allows interaction with a heat pump.

ekey is an Austrian company that provides biometric access-control solutions, more precisely fingerprint readers and corresponding controllers. This binding extends the functionality of the products ekey home and ekey multi.

The openHAB Energenie binding allows you to send commands to multiple Gembird energenie PMS-LAN power extenders.

EnOcean provides reliable and self-powered wireless sensor solutions for the Internet of Things. This binding allows openHAB to monitor and control EnOcean devices through the EnOcean USB 300 gateway.

This binding is for people with Enphase Energy microinverters used in their solar installation, which means every solar panel has its own inverter and can be monitored individually.

This binding should be compatible with Epson projectors which support ESC/VP21 protocol over serial port.


This binding integrates the possibility to execute arbitrary shell commands.


Execute commands as you would enter on the command line, returning the output (possibly transformed) as the bound item’s state. Also, execute command lines in response to commands sent to bound items.


The Expire binding will post an update or command that you specify (the ‘expire’ update/command) to items it is bound to after a period of time has passed. If you don’t specify an update or command, the default is to post an Undefined (UnDefType.UNDEF) update to the item.

Fatek PLC is one kind of programmable logic controller. This binding support native Fatek protocol to communicate with PLC. For communication to PLC is used JFatek library.


This binding allows you to integrate feeds in the openHAB environment.


FHT is a range of devices produced by which allows to interact with various protocols and devices over radio frequencies. It’s also possible to build one on your own.

Binding for the [email protected] distributed computing

This binding integrates the Freebox Revolution to your openHab installation.

This binding is intended for users of the French DSL operator Free, using Freebox Revolution (v6).

The FreeSWITCH Binding connects to a FreeSWITCH instance and can report on current active calls as well as show unread voicemails and if a MWI is on.

Fritz AHA

This binding provides access to AVM Home Automation devices, such as the Fritz!DECT 200 connected to a Fritz!Box or the Fritz!Powerline 546E. It is designed to allow for multiple hosts, for instance using both a Fritz!Box and a Fritz!Powerline.

This binding can be configured in the services/fritzbox.cfg file.

Fritzbox (using TR064 protocol)

This is a binding for communication with AVM Fritz!Box using SOAP requests (TR064 protocol).

This binding is for internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset.


This binding enables support of sending and receiving FS20 messages via the CUL transport. You will need CULLite or similiar device from This device needs to be flashed with the latest culfw firmware from

This binding integrates internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset.

The Garadget is cloud-based device that ‘futurizes’ your existing garage door opener, letting you open and close your garage door from anywhere, including via openHAB with this binding. Remote access is made possible with the REST API.

This is the binding for Gardena Smart Home.

Global Cache IR

This page describes the Global Cache IR binding (1.x), which allows openHAB items to send commands to the corresponding IR devices from one or more instances of Global Cache.

The GlobalCache binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and GlobalCache GC-100 and iTach family of devices. Global Cache devices enable the control and automation of infrared, serial, and contact closure devices through an IP network (wired or wireless).


This binding is for the local GPIO subsystem. It is currently only exposed to user space by Linux GPIO framework. Being based on a kernel implementation, it’s hardware agnostic and works on different boards without modification (this is on theory only, not all existing boards can be tested).

Logitech Harmony Hub

The Harmony Hub binding is used to enable communication between openHAB2 and multiple Logitech Harmony Hub devices. The API exposed by the Harmony Hub is relatively limited, but it does allow for reading the current activity as well as setting the activity and sending device commands.

Harmony Hub

The Harmony Hub binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and one or more Logitech Harmony Hub devices. The API exposed by the Harmony Hub is relatively limited, but it does allow for reading the current activity as well as setting the activity and sending device commands.

This binding integrates with HDanywhere HDMI matrices.

HDanywhere is a manufacturer of multiroom/distributed audio/video equipment. This binding supports their V3 of the Multiroom+ HDMI matrix running firmware V1.2(20131222). These matrices support the highest HD resolutions, including 1080p 3D & 4K, use a single Cat5e/6/7 wiring structure with reliable performance up to 100m, have IR passback to allow you to select and control what you watch from every room and are fully compatible with universal remote controls.

This is an openHAB binding for the Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized Shades via the PowerView Hub.

The Heatmiser binding allows you to control Heatmiser RS-422 network thermostats (also sold under other names). The binding communicates via TCP/IP to an RS-422 adaptor that links to the thermostats.


This binding enables support of receiving HMS messages via the CUL transport.

This is the binding for the eQ-3 Homematic Solution.

This is the binding for the eQ-3 Homematic Solution.

Horizon mediabox

This binding supports the horizon mediabox used by cable companies in the Netherlands and some other countries. The box is manufactured by Samsung and known as SMT-G7400 and SMT-G7401. This binding is tested with the SMT-G7401 but should also work with the SMT-G7400. The binding only works when your box is connected to your home network. When you are able to use the HorizonGo remote control app, you should also be able to use this binding.

If you want to have openHAB request a URL when commands are sent to items, or have it poll a given URL frequently and update items’ states, install and configure this binding.

This binding integrates the Philips Hue Lighting system.

This binding connects openHAB to your Philips Hue lighting system.

IEC 62056-21 Meter

This binding is used to communicate to metering devices supporting serial communication according IEC 62056-21 mode C master. It can be used to read metering data from slaves such as gas, water, heat, or electricity meters.


This binding is for the ‘Intelligent Home Control’ building automation system originally made by LK, but now owned by Schneider Electric and sold as ‘IHC Intelligent Home Control’. It is based on a star-configured topology with wires to each device. The system is made up of a central controller and up to 8 input modules and 16 output modules. Each input module can have 16 digital inputs and each output module 8 digital outputs, resulting in a total of 128 input and 128 outputs per controller.

Insteon Hub

DO NOT USE THIS BINDING. The InsteonHub binding is outdated and no longer supported. Use the InsteonPLM binding instead.

Insteon is a home area networking technology developed primarily for connecting light switches and loads. Insteon devices send messages either via the power line, or by means of radio frequency (RF) waves, or both (dual-band). A considerable number of Insteon compatible devices such as switchable relays, thermostats, sensors etc are available. More about Insteon can be found on Wikipedia.


You can send intertechno in every mode. I.e., if you are using the CUL in slow RF mode or BidCos mode you can still send intetechno commands. The firmware will take care of switching to intertechno mode, sending the command and switching back.


This binding integrates printers, which implement the Internet Printing protocol (IPP). This is the successor of the CUPS binding.


IPX800 is a 8 relay webserver from gce-electronics with a lot of possibilities:


This binding communicates with the IRTrans infrared emitter/transceiver.


This is a openHAB binding for the Universal Devices ISY 994i router and PLM. Universal Devices offers a Java SDK for


The jointSPACE binding lets you control your Philips TV that is compatible with the jointSPACE JSON API over Ethernet.

Velleman k8055 USB IO Board

This binding allows you to integrate a Velleman k8055 USB IO Board with openHAB.

This binding integrates the Keba KeContact EV Charging Stations.


The KM200 Binding is communicating with a Buderus Logamatic web KM200 / KM100 / KM50. It is possible to receive and send parameters like string or float values.

The openHAB KNX binding allows one to connect to KNX Home Automation installations. Switching lights on and off, activating your roller shutters or changing room temperatures are only some examples.

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is an free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more.

Scrapes the web interface of the inverter for the metrics of the supported channels below.

The Koubachi Services help everybody without a green thumb to be a perfect gardener. All plants can be registered on their really nice website (or through iPhone/iPad App) to tell you when and how to care for your plants. Furthermore they offer a dedicated hardware, the WIFI Plant Sensor. This wireless device measures vital parameters and determines the vitality of your plants.

This binding connects to one or more LCN-PCHK instances via TCP/IP. This means 1 unused LCN-PCHK license is required!

This binding supports LG TV models with Netcast 3.0 and Netcast 4.0 (Model years 2012 & 2013), and with LG TVs which support the UDAP 2.0 protocol over Ethernet. See ‘UDAP Specifications (For Second Screen TV and Companion Apps)’.

LG TV control using serial protocol

This binding can send some commands typically used by LG LCD TVs (and some used by projectors).

This binding integrates the LIFX LED Lights. All LIFX lights are directly connected to the WLAN and the binding communicates with them over a UDP protocol.


This binding supports the LightwaveRF products using the LightwaveRF Wifi Link that is available as part of that range.

This binding integrates with Lutron light control systems.


This binding provides possibility to receive commands sent via email in JSON format.

This is the binding for the eQ-3 MAX! Home Solution.


The MAX!Cube binding allows openHAB to connect to (ELV) MAX!Cube Lan Gateway installations. The binding allows openHAB to communicate with the MAX! devices through the MAX!Cube Lan Gateway.


The aim of this binding is to allow the connection from openHAB to MAX! devices (wall thermostat/radiator valves) using the CUL USB dongle rather than the MAX!Cube. This should allow greater control over the devices than the cube offers as all interaction is handled manually.


This binding provides native access for MCP23017 16 bit bidirectional I/O expander on I2C bus. Please consider datasheet for IC for future information.


This binding provides native access for MCP3424 18-bit delta sigma ADC on I2C bus. Please consider datasheet for IC for future information. The binding should work with MCP3422 and MCP3423 also, but was not tested due to lack of hardware.


This is the binding for the Meteostick weather receiver dongle. This is an RF receiver that can receive data directly from Davis weather devices (and others)

This binding integrates [email protected] appliances. [email protected] is a Zigbee based network to interconnect and control Miele appliances that are equipped with special modules. See for the list of available appliances.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home

This binding allows your openHAB to communicate with the Xiaomi Smart Home Suite.


This binding is for using your Milight, Easybulb or LimitlessLed bulbs and the iBox.


The Milight binding allows openHAB to send commands to multiple Milight bridges.

This binding integrates Minecraft with openHAB through the spigot plugin (sources).

MiOS Bridge

This binding exposes read, and read-command, access to Devices controlled by a MiOS Home Automation controller, such as those seen at

Mochad X10

This binding makes it possible to control X10 devices via a server running the Mochad X10 daemon by mmauka. Mochad is a Linux TCP gateway daemon for the X10 CM15A RF (radio frequency) and PL (power line) controller and the CM19A RF controller.

The binding supports both TCP and Serial slaves. RTU, ASCII and BIN variants of Serial Modbus are supported.


Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.

This binding allows openHAB to act as an MQTT client, so that openHAB items

OwnTracks (formerly MQTTitude)

OwnTracks, formerly known as MQTTitude, was developed as a replacement for the old Google Latitude service. However it is slightly different (better) in that all your location data is private - i.e. there is no 3rd party server somewhere collecting and storing your data. Instead each time your device publishes its location, it is sent to an MQTT broker of your choice.

Chamberlain MyQ

Chamberlain MyQ system allows you to connect your garage door to the internet to be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone. Using this API, The Chamberlain MyQ Binding can get the status of your garage door opener and send commands to open or close it.

Mystrom Eco Power

The openHAB Mystrom binding allows you to send commands to Mystrom Eco Power Switches, receive consumption numbers and states of devices.


The NeoHub binding allows you to connect openhab via TCP/IP to Heatmiser’s NeoHub and integrate your NeoStat thermostats onto the bus.

Nest Labs developed/acquired the Wi-Fi enabled Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Protect Smoke+CO detector, and the Nest Cam. These devices are supported by this binding, which communicates with the Nest API over a secure, RESTful API to Nest’s servers. Monitoring ambient temperature and humidity, changing HVAC mode, changing heat or cool setpoints, monitoring and changing your ‘home/away’ status, and monitoring your Nest Protects and Nest Cams can be accomplished through this binding.

The Netatmo binding integrates the following Netatmo products:

The Netatmo binding integrates the Netatmo Personal Weather Station into openHAB. Its different modules allow you to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide concentration in the air, as well as the ambient noise level.


This binding allows to check, whether a device is currently available on the network.

Network Health

This binding allows openHAB to check whether a device is currently available on the network.

Network UPS Tools

The primary goal of the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project is to provide support for power devices, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Units and Solar Controllers.

Nibe Heatpump

The Nibe heat pump binding is used to get live data from from Nibe heat pumps without using a Modbus adapter (but instead using an Arduino UNO and RS485 and Ethernet shields). This binding should be compatible with at least the F1145 and F1245 heat pump models.


This binding allows openHAB to interact with the Nikobus home automation system.

The Niko Home Control binding integrates with a Niko Home Control system through a Niko Home Control IP-interface.

Novelan/Luxtronic Heat Pump

This binding was originally created for the Novelan heat pump. Since the Novelan control unit is based on the Luxtronic 2 contol unit of Alpha Innotec, this binding should work with all heat pumps that use this type of controller.


The NTP binding is used for displaying the local date and time based update from an NTP server.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) Binding is used to query an NTP server you configure for the current time, within tens of milliseconds of accurary. Items in openHAB will receive these updates.

This binding integrates the Oceanic water softener and management system ( The binding supports the Limex IQ and Limex Pro water softeners. The Oceanic systems are also distributed by Syr in Germany ( In order to integrate the Limex into openHAB, the optional CAN-Serial gateway has to be installed

HAI/Leviton Omni and Lumina

The HAI/Leviton Omni is a popular home automation system in the US. At its core, the Omni is a hardware board that provides security and access features. It connects to many other devices through serial ports or relays and exposes them through a single TCP based API.

OneBusAway is an open source, real-time, transit-information service. This binding allows you to get events based on transit arrival and departures, so you can create rules to do something based on that data.


The OneWire bus system is a lightweight and inexpensive bus system mostly used for sensors (eg. temperature, humidity, counters and presence). There are also switches available. The binding is designed to work as a client of the ow-server which implements the owserver-protocol. The OneWire devices could be connected to the machine running ow-server by a USB adapter such as ds9490r or a serial adapter. For detailed information on OneWire please refer to or

This binding integrates the Onkyo AV receivers.

This binding is compatible with Onkyo AV receivers which support ISCP (Integra Serial Control Protocol) over Ethernet (eISCP) and serial ports.

Open Energy Monitor

The Open Energy Monitor binding is used to get live data from open energy monitor devices.


OpenPaths is an app you can install on your Android or iOS device which will periodically upload your location to the OpenPaths servers. Using the OpenPaths binding, openHAB will periodically request your latest location data from the OpenPaths servers and calculate your presence relative to a specified location (usually your home).

This binding allows allows basic control of the OpenSprinkler and OpenSprinkler PI (Plus) devices. Stations can be controlled to be turned on or off and rain sensor state can be read.

This binding is compatible with with both the OpenSprinkler and OpenSprinkler Pi hardware. In other words, this binding supports communicating to the OpenSprinkler and OpenSprinkler Pi using HTTP (as long as you have the interval program installed), or directly via GPIO when using the OpenSprinkler Pi.

This binding integrates Orvibo devices that communicate using UDP. Primarily this was designed for S20 Wifi Sockets but other products using the same protocol may be implemented in future.


This binding reads values from 1-wire devices connected to an OW-SERVER (both Rev. 1 and 2).

Panasonic TV

This binding supports Panasonic TVs. It should be compatible with most up-to-date Panasonic Smart-TVs.


panStamp are low-power wireless modules programmable from Arduino. The panStamp binding enables openHAB to connect to a network of panStamp devices.


A Piface extension board is attached to a Raspberry Pi via the GPIO connector. It has 8 digital input and 8 digital output pins. It is not possible to set the value of input pins, or read the value of output pins. There is plenty of documentation on the web about the Piface board and how it can be used.


The pilight binding allows openHAB to communicate with a pilight instance running pilight version 6.0 or greater.

The binding can auto-discover the Pioneer AVRs present on your local network. The auto-discovery is enabled by default. To disable it, you can create a file in the services directory called pioneeravr.cfg with the following content:

This binding allows openHAB to remotely control a Pioneer AV receiver equipped with an Ethernet interface. It enables openHAB to switch ON/OFF the receiver, adjust the volume, set the input source and configure most other parameters.


Currently only ‘One phase mode’ of the PLCBus protocol is supported.


This binding provides native support of Siemens Logo! PLC devices. Communication with Logo is done via Moka7 library. Currently only two devices are supported: 0BA7 (Logo! 7) and 0BA8 (Logo! 8). Additionally multiple devices are supported. Different families of Logo! devices should work also, but was not tested now due to lack of hardware.

This binding supports multiple clients connected to a Plex Media Server. With this binding, it’s possible to dim your lights when a video starts playing, for example. Here’s a short demo video.


The Plugwise binding adds support to openHAB for Plugwise ZigBee devices using the Stick.

PowerDog Local API

This is an openHAB binding for an eco-data PowerDog. It supports the PowerAPI Local Device API in the only available revision v0.b.

Visonic Powermax

Visonic produces the Powermax alarm panel series (PowerMax, PowerMax+, PowerMaxExpress, PowerMaxPro and PowerMaxComplete) and the Powermaster alarm series (PowerMaster 10 and PowerMaster 30). This binding allows you to control the alarm panel (arm/disarm) and allows you to use the Visonic sensors (movement, door contact, …) within openHAB.


Primare AB is a Swedish manufacturer of hi-fi and audio and video products such as amplifiers, disc players and tuners. Older Primare devices are equipped with a RS-232 serial control interface. Communication is asynchronous, an external control device connected to the serial interface has no way of differentiating between status messages triggered by external RS-232 commands or, say, manual operation using the front panel controls.

This binding integrates pulseaudio devices.

This binding allows openHAB to monitor and control pulseaudio servers.

This binding integrates large number of sensors and actuators from several different manufactures through RFXCOM transceivers.

The binding should be compatible at least with RFXtrx433 USB 433.92MHz transceiver, which contains both receiver and transmitter functions. The RFXtrx433E is fully compatible with the RFXtrx433, and has in addition the possibility to transmit RFY (Somfy RTS) RF command at the frequency used by Somfy.


This binding integrates the RME RainManager rain water pump and management system

Raspberry Pi RC Switch

This binding enables the management of remote controlled (RC) switches via a 433-MHz transmitter connected to a Raspberry Pi. It can be used with a 433-MHz transmitter connected to a Raspberry Pi as described in this assembly instruction.

This binding provides integration with any Russound system that support the RIO protocol (all MCA systems, all X systems). This binding provides compatibility with RIO Protocol v1.10. The protocol document can be found in the Russound Portal (‘RIO Protocol for 3rd Party Integrators.pdf’). Please update to the latest firmware to provide full compatibility with this binding. This binding does provide full feedback from the Russound system if events occur outside of openHAB (such as keypad usage).

RWE SmartHome

This binding allows openHAB to be integrated RWE SmartHome software previous to version 2.0. It uses an unofficial interface, which is limited in some cases, as explained below. As the interface has some delay and polling is needed to receive all changes from the RWE SmartHome Central (SHC), it may take one or two seconds until a device finally responds. However, this is tolerable in most cases as time critical rules can be done in the RWE Smarthome Central itself.

Sager Weathercaster

The Sager Weathercaster is a scientific instrument for accurate prediction of the weather. This binding is currently incompatible with openHAB 2.


The Sallegra binding supports the Sallegra Dimmer DA-ET-4, Sallegra Relay R-ET-4 and Sallegra Input ADI-ET-8/8.

Samsung Air Conditioner

This binding should be compatible with Samsung Smart Air Conditioner models.

This binding integrates the Samsung TV’s.

This binding should be compatible with Samsung TV models which support Apple and Android remote applications.

Picnet Sapp

The openHAB Sapp binding connects to Picnet Home Automation installations. The binding supports multi master configuration as well.

Satel Integra Alarm System

The Satel Integra Alarm System allows openHAB to connect to your alarm system via TCP/IP network with ETHM-1 module installed, or via RS-232 serial port with INT-RS module installed.

The senseBox binding integrates environment data from the senseBox


The Serial binding allows openHAB to communicate in ASCII over serial ports attached to the openHAB server.

This binding integrates the Silvercrest Wifi Socket SWS-A1 sold by Lidl.

This binding integrates with the SleepIQ system from Select Comfort for Sleep Number beds.

This Binding is used to display the measured values of a SMA Energy Meter device. It shows purchased and grid feed-in power and energy.


The Smarthomatic binding will connect a network of Smarthomatic devices to your openHAB server.


The SNMP binding allows SNMP GET (polling) and SNMP SET (commanding), and the reception of SNMP TRAPs (asynchronous events). SNMP is often found in network equipment, and the binding can be used to ensure your network is operating correctly. The out binding can be used to configure network settings.


This binding integrates with Sonance DSP Amplifiers. It supports all three models (DSP 2-150, DSP 8-130 and DSP 2-750) but for now it’s only tested with the DSP 8-130. For each group you can enable or disable sound (toggle mute) or set the volume.

This binding integrates the Sonos Multi-Room Audio system.

Note: The Sonos binding communicates with the Sonos devices through the UPnP (Universal Plug And Play) protocol. Users of this binding might wish to familiarise them with the protocol and slang. UPnP defines a subscription model whereby a UPnP client can subscribe to UPnP Events that are transmitted by a UPnP device. Sonos Players do emit quite a bit of Events and some are used to capture status variables (see below).


Souliss is a networking framework for Arduino and compatibles boards, and is designed to let you easily build a smart home that is distributed over multiple boards via Ethernet, wireless point-to-point and RS485 bus.

This binding integrates the Logitech Media Server and compatible Squeeze players.

This binding integrates the Logitech Media Server and compatible Squeeze players.

Stiebel Eltron LWZ

This binding is used to communicate Stiebel Eltron LWZ heat pumps via a serial interface. The binding is inspired by the work of Monitoring a Stiebel Eltron LWZ which is hosted at Heatpumpmonitor and is written in Python.

Swegon Ventilation

This binding is used to get live data from Swegon ventilation systems into items in openHAB. It should be compatible with at least Swegon CASA models.

Synop Analyzer

This binding integrates the possibility to download and interpret Synop messages.


System information Binding provides operating system and hardware information including:

System Information

The System Information binding provides operating system monitoring data, including system memory, swap, CPU, load average, uptime, per-process memory, per-process CPU, file system metrics and network interface metrics.


This binding makes use of the CAN over Ethernet feature of the CMI from Technische Alternative. Since I only have the new UVR16x2, it has only been tested with this controller.

The binding uses the Tankerkönig API ( for collecting gas price data of german gas stations.


The TCP and UDP bindings provide basic support for simple ASCII-based protocols. They send and receive data as ASCII strings. Data sent out is by default padded with a CR/LF. This should be sufficient for many home automation devices that take simple ASCII-based control commands, or that send back text-based status messages.

This is an openHAB binding for Tellstick devices produced by Telldus, a Swedish company based in Lund.

This binding is tested against Tellstick DUO, it should also work with a basic Tellstick. It supports RF 433 Mhz protocols like: Nexa, HomeEasy, X10, CoCo (KlikAanKlikUit), Oregon e.o.

This binding integrates the Tesla Electrical Vehicle.

TinkerForge is a system of open source hardware building blocks that allows you to combine sensor and actuator blocks by plug and play. You can create your individual hardware system by choosing the necessary building blocks for your project and combine it with other home automation products.


This binding works with older TiVo units which support the v1.0 protocol. TiVo units that implement the newer v1.1 API will encounter some incompatibility. If you find that button commands (pause, play, record) work, but nowshowing does not work, you likely have a Tivo that implements the v1.1 protocol.


The Toon bindings shows among others current room temperature, setpoint, energy and gas usage information.

This binding integrates the IKEA Trådfri gateway and devices connected to it (such as dimmable LED bulbs). Relay Board

This binding provides support for relay board available from (site in Polish)


The UPB binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and UPB devices. This binding requires the use of a UPB PIM or power-line modem. This binding has only been tested against simple automated devices.

The addressable Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II) can be used to communicate between home automation or other third party systems and SOMFY’s RTS Motors and controls. It is capable of individual or group control, and can be operated via infrared remote, RS232 and RS485 serial communication. Once an input is activated, an RTS radio command is sent to the automated window treatment.

This binding communicates with Somfy URTSI II devices over a serial connection.

Video Disk Recorder (VDR)

The Video Disk Recorder (VDR) binding allows openHAB to control your own digital satellite receiver and Video Disk Recorder.

Viessmann heating systems with Vitotronic has a optolink Interface for maintenance.


The WAGO Binding provides an interface to Ethernet-enabled Modbus-Controllers from WAGO.


The Weather binding collects current and forecast weather data from different providers with a free weather API. You can also display weather data with highly customizable html layouts and icons.

This binding integrates the Belkin WeMo Family.

This binding integrates the Belkin WeMo Family. The integration happens either through the WeMo-Link bridge (feature still to come) which acts as an IP gateway to the ZigBee devices, or through Wi-Fi connection to standalone devices.


This binding is used to control LED stripes connected by WiFi. These devices are sold with different names, i.e. Magic Home LED, UFO LED, LED NET controller, etc.

This Binding is used to display the details of a Windcentrale windmill.


The Withings binding allows openHAB to synchronize data from the official Withings API to items. The following body measure types are supported: diastolic blood pressure, fat free mass, fat mass weight, fat ratio, heart pulse, height, systolic blood pressure, weight.


The Wake-on-LAN binding allows you to turn on or wake up a computer by sending it a network message.

WR3223 ventilation controller

The WR3223 ventilation controller is used for room ventilation systems, for example in houses produced by company “Schwörer Haus”. The manufacturer of the controller is Hermes Electronic.

This binding allows openHAB items to receive realtime updates about information like player state and running media from one or more instances of KODI (formerly known as XBMC).


The xPL binding grabs xPL message values in items and sends xPL commands.

This binding uses the Yahoo Weather service for providing current weather information.

This binding connects openHAB with Yamaha Receivers of product line CX-A5000, RX-A30xx, RX-A20xx, RX-A10xx, RX-Vxxx, RX-Z7, DSP-Z7, RX-S600, HTR-xxxx.

This binding connects openHAB with various Yamaha Receivers.


Zibase is a French home automation box that supports multiple RF protocols including 433 Mhz (Chacon, Visionic, Oregon…), ZWave, EnOcean, X2D.

The ZigBee binding supports an interface to a wireless ZigBee home automation network.

This binding offers integration to a ZoneMinder Server. It currently only offers to integrate to monitors (eg. cameras in ZoneMinder). It also only offers access to a limited set of values, as well as a even more limited option to update values in ZoneMinder. It requires at least ZoneMinder 1.29 with API enabled (option ‘OPT_USE_API’ in ZoneMinder must be enabled). The option ‘OPT_TRIGGERS’ must be anabled to allow openHAB to trip the ForceAlarm in ZoneMinder.

The ZWave binding supports an interface to a wireless Z-Wave home automation network.

The openHAB Z-Wave binding allows you to connect to your Z-Wave wireless mesh network. A Z-Wave network typically consists of one primary controller “stick”, zero or more additional controllers and zero or more Z-Wave enabled devices, e.g. dimmers, switches, sensors etc.


Z-Way is a software to configure and control a Z-Wave network. The software comes with a full stack from Z-Wave transceiver with certified firmware to a REST API on high level.