Autelis Binding

Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. See the Autelis website and the Autelis Command Protocol for more information.

The binding is fairly complete and supports the following functionality.

  • Read circuit, auxiliary, temperature, pump, chemistry and system values
  • Control circuit, auxiliary lighting scenes, and temperature set points

There is also a binding specifically for openHAB 2 here.

Binding Configuration

The binding can be configured in the file services/autelis.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
refresh 5000 No Refresh rate in milliseconds
host   Yes Host (name or ip) to connect to
port 80 No Port on which to connect to the host
username   if configured User name for example admin
password   if configured Password, for example admin

Item Configuration

The format is

{ autelis="parentNode.childElement" }


{ autelis="lightscmd" }

An example to get the system version would be:

{ autelis="system.version" }
  • Only equipment.*, temp.* and lightscmd items can be updated from openHAB, everything else is read only.
  • For lighting commands, the following strings can be sent to an item configured with { autels="lightscmd"} (through a mapped push button for example):
    • ‘alloff, allon, csync, cset, cswim, party, romance, caribbean, american, sunset, royalty, blue, green, red, white, magenta, hold, recall`

The following are a listing of possible values for the configuration string using a sample xml output from a Autelis controller:


Item Examples

String PoolVersion	"Version [%s]" {autelis="system.version"}
Number PoolSetPoint	"Pool SetPoint [%d]" {autelis="temp.poolsp"}
Number PoolTemp	"Pool Temp [%d]" {autelis="temp.pooltemp"}
Number PoolSpaTemp	"Spa Temp [%d]" {autelis="temp.spatemp"}
Number PoolAirTemp	"Air Temp [%d]" {autelis="temp.airtemp"}
Number PoolSpaSetPoint	"Spa SetPoint [%d]" {autelis="temp.spasp"}
Number PoolChemSalt	"Salt Levels [%d]" {autelis="chlor.salt"}
Switch PoolSpaMode  "Spa Mode [%s]" {autelis="equipment.circuit1"}
Switch PoolMode  "Pool Mode [%s]" {autelis="equipment.circuit6"}
Switch PoolWaterfall  "Waterfall [%s]" {autelis="equipment.circuit2"}
Switch PoolSpaLight  "Spa Light [%s]" {autelis="equipment.circuit3"}
Switch PoolLight  "Pool Light [%s]" {autelis="equipment.circuit4"}
String PoolLightCmd	 {autelis="lightscmd"}