Daikin Binding

The Daikin binding allows monitoring and control of a Daikin air conditioner or heat pump, through either the KKRP01A wired module or the BRP072A42 wireless module.


A KKRP01A Online Controller must be installed in the Daikin unit and connected to the LAN.

The user authentication feature is not supported by the Daikin binding. Therefore the Daikin unit must be configured with no security (ie. empty password for all logins).

There is a list of units that are compatible with the KKRP01A here and instructions on how to install and configure the controller here.

Binding Configuration

The binding can be configured in the file services/daikin.cfg.

openHAB needs to know where to find the KKRP01A web server and how often the binding should refresh any status items.

Multiple KKRP01A units can be configured by giving each a unique name.

Property Default Required Description
<name>.host   Yes <name> is a unique name for the Daikin unit, also used in item bindings.
The value of this setting must be formatted as <which>@<address>.
<which> refers to the Daikin Remote Control Device, and must be either WIRELESS or WIRED.
<address> is the IP address or hostname of the Daikin unit.
refresh 60000 No The refresh interval (in milliseconds)

Item Configuration

Item bindings can be either inbound or outbound.


Inbound (readonly) item bindings

// the temperature/humidity at the indoor unit
Number  DaikinTempIn      "Temp Inside [%.1f °C]"      { daikin="<name>:tempin" }
Number  DaikinHumidityIn  "Humidity Inside [%.1f %%]"  { daikin="<name>:humidityin" }

// the temperature at the outdoor unit
Number  DaikinTempOut     "Temp Outside [%.1f °C]"     { daikin="<name>:tempout" }

Outbound (command) item bindings

// power
Switch  DaikinPower  "Power"           { daikin="<name>:power" }
// mode of operation - one of Auto/Dry/Cool/Heat/Fan/Night
Number DaikinMode   "Mode [%.0f]"       { daikin="<name>:mode" }
// temperature set point
Number  DaikinTemp   "Temp [%.0f °C]"  { daikin="<name>:temp" }
// fan mode - one of Auto/F1/F2/F3/F4/F5
Number DaikinFan    "Fan [%.0f]"        { daikin="<name>:fan" }
// swing mode - one of Off/UpDown
Number DaikinSwing  "Swing [%.0f]"      { daikin="<name>:swing" }
// timer mode - one of Off-Off/Off-On/On-Off/On-On (start/end timers)
Number DaikinTimer  "Timer [%.0f]"      { daikin="<name>:timer" }

Sitemap Examples

Text item=DaikinTempOut
Switch item=DaikinPower
Text item=DaikinTemp
Text item=DaikinHumidityIn
Switch item=DaikinMode mappings=[0="Auto", 2="Dry", 3="Cool", 4="Heat", 6="Fan"]
Setpoint item=DaikinTemp minValue="16" maxValue="30" step="1"
Switch item=DaikinFan mappings=[0="Auto", 1="F1", 2="F2", 3="F3", 4="F4", 5="F5"]
Switch item=DaikinSwing mappings=[0="Off", 1="Vertical", 2="Horizontal", 3="Hor/Vert"]