Fritzbox Binding (using TR064 protocol)

This is a binding for communication with AVM Fritz!Box using SOAP requests (TR064 protocol).

It has been tested on:

  • 7270
  • 7360SL (v6.30)
  • 7390
  • 6360 Cable (v6.04)
  • 7490


  • detect if MAC is online in network (presence detection)
  • switching on/off 2,4Hz Wifi, 5GHz Wifi and Guest Wifi (if any)
  • getting external IP address of fbox
  • getting fbox model name
  • call monitor
  • Switch Item: Receives “ON” state when call is incoming
  • Call Items: Shows external an internal number for incoming/outgoing calls
  • Resolve external call number to phonebook name
  • enabling/disabling telephone answering machines (TAMs)
  • getting new messages per TAM
  • getting missed calls for the last x days


  • Enable TR064: In the webui goto “Heimnetz” - “Netzwerkeinstellungen”: enable option “Zugriff für Anwendungen zulassen” (enabled by default)
  • Only if you want to use the call monitor feature (items starting with callmonitor_…), enable the interface by dialing #96*5* You may disable it again by dialing #96*4*

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/fritzboxtr064.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
url   Yes URL. Either use http://<fbox-ip>:49000 or https://<fbox-ip>:49443 (https preferred!)
refresh 60000 No Refresh interval in milliseconds
user dslf-config No User Name. Only use this value if you configured a user in fbox webui/config! It is recommended to switch to authentication by username in fritzbox config and add a separate config user for this binding.
pass   Yes Password

Item Configuration

String  fboxName            "FBox Model [%s]"           {fritzboxtr064="modelName"}
String  fboxWanIP           "FBox WAN IP [%s]"          {fritzboxtr064="wanip"}
Switch  fboxWifi24          "2,4GHz Wifi"               {fritzboxtr064="wifi24Switch"}
Switch  fboxWifi50          "5,0GHz Wifi"               {fritzboxtr064="wifi50Switch"}
Switch  fboxGuestWifi       "Guest Wifi"                {fritzboxtr064="wifiGuestSwitch"}
Contact cFboxMacOnline      "Presence (WiFi) [%s]"      {fritzboxtr064="maconline:11-11-11-11-11-11" }

# only when using call monitor
Switch  fboxRinging         "Phone ringing [%s]"                {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_ringing" }
Switch  fboxRinging_Out     "Phone ringing [%s]"                {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_outgoing" }
Call    fboxIncomingCall    "Incoming call: [%1$s to %2$s]"     {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_ringing" } 
Call    fboxOutgoingCall    "Outgoing call: [%1$s to %2$s]"     {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_outgoing" }

# resolve numbers to names according phonebook
Call    fboxIncomingCallResolved    "Incoming call: [%1$s to %2$s]"     {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_ringing:resolveName" } 

# Telephone answering machine (TAM) items
# Number after tamSwitch is ID of configured TAM, start with 0
Switch  fboxTAM0Switch   "Answering machine ID 0"       {fritzboxtr064="tamSwitch:0"}
Number  fboxTAM0NewMsg   "New Messages TAM 0 [%s]"      {fritzboxtr064="tamNewMessages:0"}

# Missed calls: specify the number of last days which should be searched for missed calls
Number  fboxMissedCalls     "Missed Calls [%s]"         {fritzboxtr064="missedCallsInDays:5"}

Known issues

See issues here.

Examples and Hints


For the “Call” items use “Text” in your sitemap

Map for Presence Detection

Use a map for presence detection item:

Create file transform/ and add:

0=not present

Now, as item configuration use:

Contact cFboxMacOnline      "Presence (Wifi) [MAP(]"    <present>       {fritzboxtr064="maconline:11-22-33-44-55-66 }


If you need the caller name (resolved from the fritzbox phonebook) in a rule, extract it like this:

rule "Phone is ringing"
    // fboxRinging is a switch item which switches to ON if call is detected
    Item fboxRinging changed from OFF to ON 
    logInfo("Anrufermeldung", "Generating caller name message...")
    // fboxIncoming call receives numbers/name of incoming call
    val CallType incCall = fboxIncomingCall.state as CallType
    var callerName = incCall.destNum //destNum is external number OR resolved Name if no phonebook entry exists

    // do something with callerName