Oceanic Binding

This binding integrates the Oceanic water softener and management system (www.oceanic.be). The binding supports the Limex IQ and Limex Pro water softeners. The Oceanic systems are also distributed by Syr in Germany (www.syr.de). In order to integrate the Limex into openHAB, the optional CAN-Serial gateway has to be installed

Supported Things


Thing Configuration

The Thing configuration requires the name of the serial port that is used to connect the ESH host with the Oceanic unit, and the interval period in seconds to poll the Oceanic unit


All devices support the following channels (non-exhaustive):

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
alarm String Current alarm description, if any
alert String Current alert description, if any, to notify a shortage of salt
totalflow Number Current flow in l/min
maxflow Number Maximum flow recorded, in l/min
reserve Number Water reserve in l before regeneration has to start
cycle String Indicates the stage of the regeneration cycle
endofcycle String Indicates the time to the end of the current cycle
endofgeneration String Indicates the time to the end of the current generation
inlethardness Number Water hardness at the inlet
outlethardness Number Water hardness at the outlet
salt String Volume of salt remaining, in kg
consumption(today)(currentweek)(…) String Water consumption, in l, for that period
regeneratenow Switch Start an immediate regeneration
regeneratelater Switch Start a delayed regeneration
lastgeneration DateTime Date and Time of the last regeneration cycle
pressure Number Water pressure, in bar
minpressure Number Minimum water pressure recorded, in bar
maxpressure Number Maximum water pressure recorded, in bar
normalregenerations Number Number of regenerations completed
serviceregenerations Number Number of service regenerations completed
incompleteregenerations Number Number of incomplete regenerations
allregenerations Number Number of all regenerations

Full Example


Thing oceanic:softener:s1 [ port="/dev/tty.usbserial-FTWGX64N", interval=60]


Number oceanicVolume "volume [%d]" (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:totalflow"}
String oceanicAlarm "alarm: [%s]" (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:alarm"}
String oceanicAlert "alert: [%s]" (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:alert"}
Number oceanicReserve (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:reserve"}
String oceanicCycle (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:cycle"}
String oceanicEOC (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:endofcycle"}
String oceanicEOG (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:endofgeneration"}
String oceanicHU (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:hardnessunit"}
Number oceanicInletHardness (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:inlethardness"}
Number oceanicOutletHardness (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:outlethardness"}
String oceanicCylState (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:cylinderstate"}
Number oceanicSalt (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:salt"}
Number oceanicConsToday "volume today is [%d]" (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptiontoday"}
Number oceanicConsYday "volume yesterday was [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptionyesterday"}
Number oceanicPressure (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:pressure"}
DateTime oceanicLastGeneration (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:lastgeneration"}
Number oceanicAllGen (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:allregenerations"}
Number oceanicMaxFlow (oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:maxflow"}
Number oceanicConsThisWk "volume this week is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptioncurrentweek"}
Number oceanicConsThisMnth "volume this month is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptioncurrentmonth"}
Number oceanicConsLastMnth "volume last month is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptionlastmonth"}
Number oceanicConsComplete "volume all time is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptioncomplete"}
Number oceanicConsUntreated "volume untreated is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptionuntreated"}
Number oceanicConsLastWk "volume last week is [%d]"(oceanic) {channel="oceanic:softener:s1:consumptionlastweek"}