PioneerAVR Binding Configuration

Binding configuration

The binding can auto-discover the Pioneer AVRs present on your local network. The auto-discovery is enabled by default. To disable it, you can create a file in the services directory called pioneeravr.cfg with the following content:

#Put your configuration here

This configuration parameter only control the PioneerAVR auto-discovery process, not the openHAB auto-discovery. Moreover, if the openHAB auto-discovery is disabled, the PioneerAVR auto-discovery is disabled too.

##Thing configuration

In the things folder, create a file called pioneeravr.things (or any other name) and configure your AVRs inside.

The binding can control AVRs through the local network (ipAvr/ipAvrUnsupported thing type) or through a Serial connection (serialAvr) if the AVR is directly connected to your computer.

Configuration of ipAvr/ipAvrUnsupported:

  • address: the hostname/ipAddress of the AVR on the local network. (mandatory)
  • tcpPort: the port number to use to connect to the AVR. (optional, default to 23)

Configuration of serialAvr:

  • serialPort: the name of the serial port on your computer. (mandatory)


pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921IP [ address="", tcpPort="23" ]
pioneeravr:serialAvr:vsx921Serial [ serialPort="COM9" ]


  • power: power On/Off the AVR. Receive power events.
  • volumeDimmer: Increase/Decrease the volume on the AVR or set the volume as %. Receive volume change events (in %).
  • volumeDb: Set the volume of the AVR in dB (from -80.0 to 12 with 0.5 dB steps). Receive volume change events (in dB).
  • mute: Mute/Unmute the AVR. Receive mute events.
  • setInputSource: Set the input source of the AVR. See input source mapping for more details. Receive source input change events with the input source ID.
  • displayInformation: Receive display events. Reflect the display on the AVR front panel.

##Input Source Mapping

Here after are the ID values of the input sources:

  • 04: DVD
  • 25: BD
  • 05: TV/SAT
  • 15: DVR/BDR
  • 10: VIDEO 1(VIDEO)
  • 14: VIDEO 2
  • 19: HDMI 1
  • 20: HDMI 2
  • 21: HDMI 3
  • 22: HDMI 4
  • 23: HDMI 5
  • 26: HOME MEDIA GALLERY(Internet Radio)
  • 17: iPod/USB
  • 18: XM RADIO
  • 01: CD
  • 03: CD-R/TAPE
  • 02: TUNER
  • 00: PHONO
  • 12: MULTI CH IN
  • 27: SIRIUS
  • 31: HDMI (cyclic)

Full example


pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921 [ address="" ]


/* Pioneer AVR Items */
Switch vsx921PowerSwitch		"Power"								(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:power" }
Switch vsx921MuteSwitch			"Mute"					<none>		(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:mute" }
Dimmer vsx921VolumeDimmer		"Volume [%.1f] %"		<none>		(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:volumeDimmer" }
Number vsx921VolumeNumber		"Volume [%.1f] dB"		<none>		(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:volumeDb" }
String vsx921InputSourceSet		"Input"					<none>		(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:setInputSource" }
String vsx921InformationDisplay "Information [%s]"		<none> 		(All)	{ channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx921:displayInformation" }


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
	Frame label="Pioneer AVR" {
		Switch item=vsx921PowerSwitch
		Switch item=vsx921MuteSwitch mappings=[ON="Mute", OFF="Un-Mute"] 
		Slider item=vsx921VolumeDimmer
		Setpoint item=vsx921VolumeNumber minValue="-80" maxValue="12" step="0.5"
		Switch item=vsx921InputSourceSet mappings=[04="DVD", 15="DVR/BDR", 25="BD"]
		Text item=vsx921InformationDisplay