Squeezebox Binding

This binding integrates the Logitech Media Server and compatible Squeeze players.

From the Wikipedia entry:

Slim Devices was established in 2000, and was first known for its SlimServer used for streaming music, but launched a hardware player named SliMP3 able to play these streams in 2001. Although the first player was fairly simple only supporting wired Ethernet and MP3 natively, it was followed two years later by a slightly more advanced player which was renamed to Squeezebox. Other versions followed, gradually adding native support for additional file formats, Wi-Fi-support, gradually adding larger and more advanced displays as well as a version targeting audiophile users. Support for playing music from external streaming platforms such as Pandora, Napster, Last.fm and Sirius were also added. The devices in general have two operating modes; either standalone where the device connects to an internet streaming service directly, or to a local computer running the Logitech Media Server or a network-attached storage device. Both the server software and large parts of the firmware on the most recent players are released under open source licenses.

In 2006, Slim Devices was acquired by Logitech for $20 million USD. Logitech continued the development of the player until they announced in August 2012 that it would be discontinued. Given the cross-platform nature of the server and software client, some users have ensured the continued use of the platform by utilizing the Raspberry Pi as dedicated Squeezebox device (both client and server).

There is also a binding specifically for openHAB 2 here.

Table of Contents

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/squeeze.cfg.

Key Default Required Description
server.host   Yes host (IP address) of your Logitech Media Server
server.retries 3 No number of retries to allow for a failed connection.
server.retryTimeout 60 No timeout (in seconds) between retries of a failed connection to the Logitech Media Server
server.cliport 9090 No port of the CLI interface of your Logitech Media Server
server.webport 9000 No web port interface of the your Logitech Media Server
squeeze:ttsurl http://translate.google.com/translate_tts?tl=en&ie=UTF-8&client=openhab&q=%s No TTS URL to use for generating text-to-speech voice announcements. The URL should contain one ‘%s’ parameter which will be substituted with the text to be translated
Another TTS service is http://www.voicerss.org/api/ which requires an API key): https://api.voicerss.org/?key=YOURAPIKEYHERE&hl=en-gb&src=%s
ttsmaxsentencelength 100 No maximum TTS sentence length. For example, the Google TTS service only permits up to 100 characters (the default value). The Squeezebox speak action will break long strings into sentence chunks call the TTS service repeatedly
<boxId1>.id   Yes MAC address of your first Squeezebox. MAC addresses of players are case-sensitive. Use small letters (a-f) if the address contains them. Example: de:ad:be:ef:12:34
<boxId1>.id   Yes MAC address of your nth Squeezebox. MAC addresses of players are case-sensitive. Use small letters (a-f) if the address contains them. Example: de:ad:be:ef:12:34

where <boxIdN> is a name you choose (like bedroom and kitchen) that will be used in both items and the action calls to select with which of your Squeezebox devices to communicate. Do not use special characters for <boxIdN>.


First you need to let openHAB know where to find your Squeeze Server and each of your Squeezebox devices. This configuration is entered in your binding configuration file, and is used by both the Squeezebox binding and the Squeezebox Action:


Item Configuration

The syntax of an item configuration is shown in the following line in general:


Where <boxId> matches one of the ids defined in your binding configuration, described above.


Here are some examples of valid binding configuration strings:


Squeezebox commands

Command Purpose
power Power on/off your device
mute Mute/unmute your device
volume Change volume by 5%
play Play the current title
pause Pause the current title
stop Stop the current title
next Skip to next title
prev Skip to previous title
http:stream Play the given http stream (obsolete as there is now a new squeezeboxPlayUrl() action for handling this inside rules directly)
file:file Play the given file on your server (obsolete as there is now a new squeezeboxPlayUrl() action for handling this inside rules directly)
sync:player-id2 Add player-id2 to your device for synced playback

NOTE: when binding the ‘play’ command to a switch item you will trigger ‘play’ when the item receives the ON command. It will also trigger ‘stop’ when the item receives the OFF command. The same applies for ‘stop’ and ‘pause’ except ON=>stop/pause and OFF=>play. This is so you can setup a single item for controlling play/stop by defining mappings in your sitemap:

Squeezebox variables

Variable Purpose
title Title of the current song
album Album name of the current song
artist Artist name of the current song
year Release year of the current song
genre Genre name of the current song
coverart Address to cover art of the current song
remotetitle Title of radio station currently playing
ircode String of the cached IR code


Full Example


Dimmer sq_test_volume 	   "Volume [%.1f %%]"	{ squeeze="player1:volume" }
String sq_test_title	   "Title [%s]"			{ squeeze="player1:title" }
Switch sq_test_play	   	   "Play"				{ squeeze="player1:play" }
String sq_test_ircode	   "IR-Code [%s]" 		{ squeeze="player1:ircode" }


    Switch item=sq_test_play mappings=[ON="Play", OFF="Stop"]

And whenever the player state is changed from outside of openHAB, these items will be updated accordingly, since there is now no longer a separate item for ‘play’ and ‘isPlaying’.

Squeezebox binding can store the latest IR code (form the infrared remote) in a variable, which can be used to do some actions. Look at this rule:


rule "IR Code catched"
    Item sq_test_ircode received update
    if (sq_test_ircode.state=="00ff32cd") {
        sendCommand(Licht_Schlafzimmer, ON)
        logInfo("IR Code rules", "schalte Schlafzimmerlicht ein")
    } else if (sq_test_ircode.state=="00ff708f") {
        sendCommand(Licht_Schlafzimmer, OFF)
        logInfo("IR Code rules", "schalte Schlafzimmerlicht aus")

Additional Control of Logitech Media Server

Another method to gain some extra control of the LMS not provided by the binding is via HTTP GET requests. Using rules, a switch/number etc can be linked to the required HTTP GET request.

All available GET requests can be found on the LMS. In any browser enter <IP Address of LMS>:9000

Help button on the bottom left → Technical information → Logitech Media Server Web Interface For the multiple player variable either the IP address or the MAC address can be used.

Example for adding playlists

Item file:

Number Squeezebox_PlayList	"Playlists”

Rule file:

rule "Squeezebox_PlayList"
	Item Squeezebox_PlayList received command
	switch(receivedCommand) {
		case 0 : sendHttpGetRequest("http://<IP Address of LMS>:9000/?p0=playlist&p1=play&p2=<Name of Playlist>&player=<MAC Address of Player>")
		case 1 : sendHttpGetRequest("http://<IP Address of LMS>:9000/?p0=playlist&p1=play&p2=<Name of Next Playlist >&player=<MAC Address of Player>")

Sitemap file fragment:

Selection item=Squeezebox_PlayList label="Start Playlist" mappings=[0="<Name of Playlist>", 1="<Name of Next Playlist >"] 

Example for displaying text

Rule file:

rule "SqueezeboxDisplay"
	<any event>
	var String text= "Das ist ein Text mit variablem Inhalt: " + Item1.state.toString + 
	" und " + Item2.state.toString 
	var String url = "" + text.encode("UTF-8") + "&p3=300&player=00:04:20:06:21:6d" 

The is UTF-8 encoded. The URL calls the squeezebox server at port 9000 with this parameters: p1=upper display line, p2=lower display line, p3=duration of display, player= MAC address of player

More Examples

Here you’ll need to configure your players; please make sure that the id’s match the name of your logitech configuration. Do not use special characters for the player id.


server.host     =

Bad.id          = 00:04:20:28:65:c7
Bastelzimmer.id = 00:04:20:29:62:0e
Buero.id        = 00:04:20:29:a7:27
Kueche.id       = 00:04:20:28:65:91
Schlafzimmer.id = 00:04:20:2a:37:4b
TV.id           = 00:04:20:23:52:3c
Wohnbereich.id  = 00:04:20:2a:3b:21


/* SqueezeBox */
Number squeezeSelectedPlayer
Number squeezeSelectedStation
Switch squeezePlay

Switch squeezeBadPower           "Bad" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Bad:power" }
Switch squeezeBadPlay            "Bad"                                          { squeeze="Bad:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBadVolume          "Bad [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Bad:volume" }

Switch squeezeBastelzimmerPower  "Gästezimmer" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:power" }
Switch squeezeBastelzimmerPlay   "Gästezimmer"                                          { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBastelzimmerVolume "Gästezimmer [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Bastelzimmer:volume" }

Switch squeezeBueroPower         "Büro" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Buero:power" }
Switch squeezeBueroPlay          "Büro"                                          { squeeze="Buero:play" }
Dimmer squeezeBueroVolume        "Büro [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Buero:volume" }

Switch squeezeSchlafzimmerPower  "Schlafzimmer" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerOG) { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:power" }
Switch squeezeSchlafzimmerPlay   "Schlafzimmer"                                          { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:play" }
Dimmer squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume "Schlafzimmer [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Schlafzimmer:volume" }

Switch squeezeTVPower            "TV" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG, gTV) { squeeze="TV:power" }
Switch squeezeTVPlay             "TV"                                               { squeeze="TV:play" }
Dimmer squeezeTVVolume           "TV [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)            { squeeze="TV:volume" }

Switch squeezeKuechePower        "Küche" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG) { squeeze="Kueche:power" }
Switch squeezeKuechePlay         "Küche"                                          { squeeze="Kueche:play" }
Dimmer squeezeKuecheVolume       "Küche [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Kueche:volume" }

Switch squeezeWohnbereichPower   "Wohnbereich" <squeeze> (gPlayerPower, gPlayerPowerEG) { squeeze="Wohnbereich:power" }
Switch squeezeWohnbereichPlay    "Wohnbereich"                                          { squeeze="Wohnbereich:play" }
Dimmer squeezeWohnbereichVolume  "Wohnbereich [%.1f %%]" <volume> (gPlayerVolume)       { squeeze="Wohnbereich:volume" }


// Handle squeezebox radio station UI
rule "SqueezePlayerRadioStation"
	Item squeezePlay changed or
	Item squeezeSelectedStation changed or
	Item squeezeSelectedPlayer changed
	logInfo("squeeze.rules", "SqueezePlayerPlay")
	var String [] players = newArrayList("Bad", "Bastelzimmer", "Buero", "Schlafzimmer", "TV", "Kueche", "Wohnbereich");
	var String[] urls = newArrayList(
	  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs1/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF1
	  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs2/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF2
	  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/drs3/mp3_128.m3u", // Radio SRF3
	  "http://www.swissgroove.ch/listen.m3u",      // Swiss Groove
	  "http://icecast.argovia.ch/argovia128.m3u",  // Radio Argovia
	  "http://stream.srg-ssr.ch/rsj/mp3_128.m3u",  // Swiss Jazz
	  "http://mp3-live.swr3.de/swr3_m.m3u"         // SWR 3

	logInfo("squeeze.rules", squeezeSelectedStation.toString)
	var stationIndex = ((squeezeSelectedStation.state as DecimalType).intValue - 1)
	var station = urls.get(stationIndex) as String;
	var playerIndex = ((squeezeSelectedPlayer.state as DecimalType).intValue - 1) 
	var player = players.get(playerIndex) as String
	logInfo("squeeze.rules", player)
	logInfo("squeeze.rules", station)
	if (squeezePlay.state == ON) {
	  squeezeboxPlayUrl(player, station)
	} else {



	Frame label="System"  {
		Text label="Audio" icon="squeeze"  {
			Frame label="Alle"  {
				Switch item=gPlayerPowerAll label="EG & OG" 				
				Switch item=gPlayerPowerEG label="EG" 				
				Switch item=gPlayerPowerOG label="OG" 		
				Group item=gPlayerPower label="Ein / Aus"  {
					Switch item=squeezeBadPower           				
					Switch item=squeezeBastelzimmerPower  
					Switch item=squeezeBueroPower 	      
					Switch item=squeezeSchlafzimmerPower  
					Switch item=squeezeTVPower 			  
					Switch item=squeezeKuechePower 		  
					Switch item=squeezeWohnbereichPower   
				Group item=gPlayerVolume label="Lautstärke"  {
					Slider item=squeezeBadVolume switchSupport 		    
					Slider item=squeezeBastelzimmerVolume switchSupport 
					Slider item=squeezeBueroVolume switchSupport 		
					Slider item=squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume switchSupport 
					Slider item=squeezeTVVolume switchSupport 		    
					Slider item=squeezeKuecheVolume switchSupport 		
					Slider item=squeezeWohnbereichVolume switchSupport 	
				Slider item=gPlayerVolume label="Lautstärke" 				
			Frame label="Einzeln"  {				
				Selection item=squeezeSelectedPlayer label="Gerät" mappings=[1="Bad", 2="Gästezimmer", 3="Büro", 4="Schlafzimmer", 5="TV", 6="Küche", 7="Wohnbereich"]
				Selection item=squeezeSelectedStation label="Sender" mappings=[1="SRF 1", 2="SRF 2", 3="SRF 3", 4="Swiss Groove", 5="Argovia", 6="Swiss Jazz", 7="SWR 3"]
				Switch item=squeezePlay label="Stop / Play" mappings=[OFF="Stop", ON="Play"]
				Switch item=squeezeBadPower           visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==1]				
				Switch item=squeezeBastelzimmerPower  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==2]
				Switch item=squeezeBueroPower 	      visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==3]
				Switch item=squeezeSchlafzimmerPower  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==4]
				Switch item=squeezeTVPower 			  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==5]
				Switch item=squeezeKuechePower 		  visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==6]
				Switch item=squeezeWohnbereichPower   visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==7]
				Slider item=squeezeBadVolume switchSupport 		    visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==1]
				Slider item=squeezeBastelzimmerVolume switchSupport visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==2]
				Slider item=squeezeBueroVolume switchSupport 		visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==3]
				Slider item=squeezeSchlafzimmerVolume switchSupport visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==4]
				Slider item=squeezeTVVolume switchSupport 		    visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==5]
				Slider item=squeezeKuecheVolume switchSupport 		visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==6]
				Slider item=squeezeWohnbereichVolume switchSupport 	visibility=[squeezeSelectedPlayer==7] 			


If you have also some issues with the example feel free to check this discussion.