Synop Analyzer Binding

This binding integrates the possibility to download and interpret Synop messages.

Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options itself, all configuration is done at ‘Things’ level.

Supported Things

There is exactly one supported thing, which represents a Synop message. It has the id synopanalyzer.

Thing Configuration

Besides the Synop Station Number (as synopID as a StationID string), the second configuration parameter is refreshInterval which defines the refresh interval in minutes. Synop message are typically updated every hour.


The weather information that is retrieved is available as these channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
temperature Number The current temperature in degrees Celsius
pressure Number The current pressure in millibar (mb)
wind-angle Number Wind angle in degrees
wind-direction String Wind direction
wind-speed-ms Number Wind speed in m/s
wind-speed-knots Number Wind speed in knots
wind-speed-beaufort Number Wind speed according to Beaufort scale
overcast String Appreciation of the cloud cover
octa Number Part of the sky covered by clouds (in 8th)
time-utc DateTime Observation time of the Synop message



Here is an example of thing definition :

synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:orly [ stationId="07149"]


Number Synop_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:temperature" }
Number Synop_Pressure "Pressure [%.1f mb]" <pressure> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:pressure" }
Number Synop_Wind_Angle "Wind Angle [%d°]" <wind>     { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-angle"}
String Synop_Wind_Direction "Direction [%s]" { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-direction"}
Number Synop_Wind_Speed "Wind Speed [%.2f m/s]" <wind> { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:wind-speed-ms"}
Number Synop_Octa "Octa [%d]/8" { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:octa"}
DateTime Synop_time  "Observation Time [%1$ta %1$tR]"        <clock>   { channel = "synopanalyzer:synopanalyzer:trappes:time-utc"}