Trådfri Binding

This binding integrates the IKEA Trådfri gateway and devices connected to it (such as dimmable LED bulbs).

Supported Things

Besides the gateway (thing type “gateway”), the binding currently supports dimmable warm white bulbs as well as white spectrum bulbs.

The thing type ids are defined according to the lighting devices defined for ZigBee LightLink (see page 24, table 2. These are:

Device type ZigBee Device ID Thing type
Dimmable Light 0x0100 0100
Colour Temperature Light 0x0220 0220

Thing Configuration

The gateway requires a host parameter for the hostname or IP address and a code, which is the security code that is printed on the bottom of the gateway. Optionally, a port can be configured, but any standard gateway uses the default port 5684.

The devices require only a single (integer) parameter, which is their instance id. Unfortunately, this is not displayed anywhere in the IKEA app, but it seems that they are sequentially numbered starting with 65537 for the first device. If in doubt, use the auto-discovered things to find out the correct instance ids.


All devices support the brightness channel, while the white spectrum bulbs additionally also support the colorTemperature channel.

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
brightness Dimmer The brightness of the bulb in percent
color_temperature Dimmer color temperature from 0%=cold to 100%=warm

Full Example


Bridge tradfri:gateway:mygateway [ host="", code="EHPW5rIJKyXFgjH3" ] {
    0100 myDimmableBulb [ id=65537 ]    
    0220 myColorTempBulb [ id=65538 ]    


Dimmer Light { channel="tradfri:0100:mygateway:myDimmableBulb:brightness" } 


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
    Frame {
    	Slider item=Light label="Brightness [%.1f %%]"