UPB Binding

The UPB binding is used to enable communication between openHAB and UPB devices. This binding requires the use of a UPB PIM or power-line modem. This binding has only been tested against simple automated devices.


The binding may not be compatible with Windows. Please report if you find this to be true or false.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/upb.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
port   Yes Name of the serial device to which the UPB device is connected. For example, COM1 on Windows or /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux
network   Yes The network number. Example: 55

Item Configuration

The binding only supports Switches or Dimmers.

Dimmer Light_Dining_Room        "Dining Room"           (Lights) {upb="id=2"}
Switch Light_Kitchen            "Kitchen"               (Lights) {upb="id=3"}

To activate a link set the link property to true:

Dimmer Light_Lamps              "Living Room Lamps"     (Lights) {upb="id=4 link=true"}