Windcentrale Binding

This Binding is used to display the details of a Windcentrale windmill.

Supported Things

This Binding supports Windcentrale mill devices.


There is no discovery available for this binding.

Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

Thing Configuration

The thing mandatory configuration is the selection of the mill. Optional configuration is the number of wind shares (“Winddelen”) and the refresh interval.


  • windSpeed Measured current wind speed
  • windDirection Current wind direction
  • powerAbsTot Total power
  • powerAbsWd Power provided for your wind shares
  • powerRel Relative power
  • kwh Current energy
  • kwhForecast Energy forecast
  • runPercentage Run percentage this year
  • timestamp Timestamp of the last update

Full example

Group   gReiger "Windcentrale Reiger"   <wind>

Number  ReigerWindSpeed         "Windsnelheid [%1.0f Bft]"        <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:windSpeed")
String  ReigerWindDirection     "Windrichting [%s]"               <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:windDirection")
Number  ReigerPowerAbsTot       "Productie molen [%1.0f kW]"      <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerAbsTot")
Number  ReigerPowerAbsWd        "WD power [%1.0f W]"              <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerAbsWd")
Number  ReigerPowerRel          "Productie vermogen [%1.0f %%]"   <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:powerRel")
Number  ReigerKwh               "kwh [%1.0f]"                     <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:kwh")
Number  ReigerKwhForecast       "Productie forecast [%1.0f]"      <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:kwhForecast")
Number  ReigerRunPercentage     "Run percentage [%1.0f %%]"       <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:runPercentage")
Number  ReigerTimestamp         "Update timestamp [%1$ta %1$tR]"  <wind>    (gReiger) {channel="windcentrale:mill:reiger:timestamp")