Yamaha Receiver Binding (1.x)

This binding connects openHAB with various Yamaha Receivers.

Tested Receivers:

  • V473
  • V475
  • V477
  • V479
  • V481
  • V575
  • V579
  • V671
  • V675
  • V679
  • V773
  • V775
  • R-N500
  • RX-A1030
  • RX-A1050 (Aventage)
  • RX-A2020
  • RX-A3000
  • RX-A810
  • RX-S601D
  • RX-V477
  • RX-V581
  • RX-V673
  • RX-V677
  • RX-V771
  • HTR-4065
  • HTP-4069

Please add your own successfully tested receiver to this list!

There is also a binding specifically for openHAB 2 here.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/yamahareceiver.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
<uid>.host   Yes IP address of the Yamaha Receiver

where <uid> represents your instance name inside your items list, like mySoundSystem or kitchen.



Item Configuration

The binding syntax for the receiver follows the following schema:

{ yamahareceiver="uid=<uid>, zone=<zone>, bindingType=<type>" }

where <zone> is the zone you might have defined in your receiver, and <type> defines what should be bound (see list of possible binding types below.

Allowed zone entries are:

Entry Zone
main Main Zone
zone2 Zone 2
zone3 Zone 3
zone4 Zone 4

For example:

{ yamahareceiver="uid=mySoundSystem, zone=main, bindingType=power" }


Binding openHAB item Description
power Switch Switch the receiver ON or OFF (ON only works if the receiver’s “Network Standby” setting is enabled)
mute Switch Mute or unmute the receiver
volume Dimmer Sets the receiver’s volume (percentage)
input String Set the input selection, depends on your receiver’s real inputs (Examples: HDMI1, HDMI2, AV4, TUNER, “NET RADIO”, Spotify, etc.)
surroundProgram String Set the surround mode (Examples: 2ch Stereo, 7ch Stereo, Hall in Munich, Straight, Surround Decoder)



Switch Yamaha_Power "Power [%s]" <television> { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main,  bindingType=power" }
Dimmer Yamaha_Volume "Volume [%.1f %%]" { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=volumePercent" }
Switch Yamaha_Mute "Mute [%s]" { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=mute" }
String Yamaha_Input "Input [%s]" { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=input" } 
String Yamaha_Surround "Surround [%s]" { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=surroundProgram" } 
Number Yamaha_NetRadio "Net Radio" { yamahareceiver="uid=living, zone=main, bindingType=netRadio" }


Selection item=Yamaha_NetRadio label="Sender" mappings=[1="N Joy", 2="Radio Sport", 3="RDU", 4="91ZM", 5="Hauraki"]
Selection item=Yamaha_Input mappings=[HDMI1="BlueRay",HDMI2="Satellite","NET RADIO"="NetRadio",TUNER="Tuner"]
Selection item=Yamaha_Surround label="Surround Mode" mappings=["2ch Stereo"="2ch","7ch Stereo"="7ch"]

Warning: The " around NET RADIO is mandatory. This key (left from the equal sign) is a value that must be send to the receiver with the space inside. If you omit the " the binding would only send the NET and the receiver won’t react. Same are in surround definition!