About openHAB

openHAB is software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules, and that offers uniform user interfaces.

But openHAB is also a community of users, contributors and maintainers.

openHAB Structure

openHAB 2 is an open-source solution based on the Eclipse SmartHome framework. It is fully written in Java and uses Apache Karaf together with Eclipse Equinox as an OSGi runtime and bundles this with Jetty as an HTTP server.

openHAB is highly modular software, which means that the base installation (the “runtime”) can be extended through different kinds of “add-ons”, either to communicate with new home automation solution, or to offer a new kind of user interface.

The structure of openHAB can be summarized this way:

distribution overview

Add-ons can come from three different origins:

  • Add-ons coming from the Eclipse SmartHome project, as Eclipse SmartHome is the base of openHAB 2,
  • Add-ons coming from the openHAB version 1 package, as openHAB 2 includes a compatibility layer,
  • Add-ons made for openHAB 2.

The openHAB Community

openHAB is not only a solution but also a community.

The center of this community is the openHAB community forum.

If you have questions about the use of openHAB, before reporting an issue, or for comments and contributions about the documentation, please check the openHAB community forum for solutions and help. More people will see your issue when it is posted in the forum and community members may be able to help you find known solutions/workarounds for your issue.

Rules about posting an issue and contributions guidelines are in the Appendix.