Autelis Pool Control Binding

Autelis manufactures a network enabled pool interface for many popular pool systems. See the Autelis website and the Autelis Command Protocol for more information.

This binding supports:

  • Read circuit, auxiliary, temperature, pump, chemistry and system values
  • Control circuit, auxiliary lighting scenes, and temperature set points


The binding will automatically look for a device with the DNS name ‘poolcontrol’. If found it will try and connect with the factory default username and password.

Binding Configuration

The binding requires no special configuration

Thing Configuration

The Autelis binding requires the host, port, username and password

In the thing file, this looks e.g. like

Thing autelis:myPool [ host="", port="80", user="admin", password="admin"]


All devices support some of the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type
system-runstate Switch
system-model Number
system-haddr Number
system-opmode Number
system-freeze Number
system-sensor1 Number
system-sensor2 Number
system-sensor3 Number
system-sensor4 Number
system-sensor5 Number
system-version String
system-time Number
equipment-circuit1 Switch
equipment-circuit2 Switch
equipment-circuit3 Switch
equipment-circuit4 Switch
equipment-circuit5 Switch
equipment-circuit6 Switch
equipment-circuit7 Switch
equipment-circuit8 Switch
equipment-circuit9 Switch
equipment-circuit10 Switch
equipment-feature1 Number
equipment-feature2 Number
equipment-feature3 Number
equipment-feature4 Number
equipment-feature5 Number
equipment-feature6 Number
equipment-feature7 Number
equipment-feature8 Number
equipment-feature9 Number
equipment-feature10 Number
temp-poolht Number
temp-spaht Number
temp-htstatus Number
temp-poolsp Number
temp-spasp Number
temp-pooltemp Number
temp-spatemp Number
temp-airtemp Number
temp-tempunits String
temp-htpump Number
pump-pump1 String
pump-pump2 String
pump-pump3 String
pump-pump4 String
pump-pump5 String
pump-pump6 String
pump-pump7 String
pump-pump8 String
chlor-chloren Number
chlor-poolsp Number
chlor-spasp Number
chlor-salt Number
chlor-super Number
chlor-chlorerr Number
chlor-chlorname String
lightscmd String