FS Internet Radio Binding

This binding integrates internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset.

Supported Things

Successfully tested are internet radios

But in principle, all internet radios based on the Frontier Silicon chipset should be supported because they share the same API.


The radios are discovered through UPnP in the local network.

If your radio is not discovered, please try to access its API via: http://<radio-ip>/fsapi/CREATE_SESSION?pin=1234 (1234 is default pin, if you get a 403 error, check the radio menu for the correct pin). If you get a result like FS_OK 1902014387, your radio is supported.

If this is the case, please add your model to this documentation and provide discovery information in this thread.

Binding Configuration

The binding itself does not need a configuration.

Thing Configuration

Each radio must be configured via its ip address, port, pin, and a refresh rate.

  • If the ip address is not discovered automatically, it must be manually set.
  • The default port is 80 which should work for most radios.
  • The default pin is 1234 for most radios, but if it does not work or if it was changed, look it up in the on-screen menu of the radio.
  • The default refresh rate for the radio items is 60 seconds; 0 disables periodic refresh.


All devices support some of the following channels:

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Access
power Switch Switch the radio on or off R/W
volume-percent Dimmer Radio volume (min=0, max=100) R/W
volume-absolute Number Radio volume (min=0, max=32) R/W
mute Switch Mute the radio R/W
mode Number The radio mode, e.g. FM radio, internet radio, AUX, etc. (model-specific, see list below) R/W
preset Number Preset radio stations configured in the radio (write-only) W
play-info-name String The name of the current radio station or track R
play-info-text String Additional information e.g. of the current radio station R

The radio mode depends on the internet radio model (and probably its firmware version):

Radio mode Hama IR110 Medion MD87180 Medion MD 86988
0 Internet Radio Internet Radio Internet Radio
1 Spotify Music Player (USB, LAN) Music Player
2 Player DAB Radio FM Radio
3 AUX in FM Radio AUX in
4 - AUX in -

Full Example


fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen [ ip="" ]


Switch RadioPower "Radio Power" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:power" }
Switch RadioMute "Radio Mute" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:mute" }
Dimmer RadioVolume "Radio Volume" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:volume-percent" }
Number RadioMode "Radio Mode" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:mode" }
Number RadioPreset "Radio Stations" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:preset" }
String RadioInfo1 "Radio Info1" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:play-info-name" }
String RadioInfo2 "Radio Info2" { channel="fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen:play-info-text" }


sitemap demo label="Main Menu"
	Frame {
		Switch item=RadioPower
		Slider visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioVolume
		Switch visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioMute
		Selection visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioPreset mappings=[0="Favourit 1", 1="Favourit 2", 2="Favourit 3", 3="Favourit 4"]
		Selection visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioMode mappings=[0="Internet Radio", 1="Musik Player", 2="DAB", 3="FM", 4="AUX"]
		Text visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioInfo1
		Text visibility=[RadioPower==ON] item=RadioInfo2