Meteostick Binding

This is the binding for the Meteostick weather receiver dongle. This is an RF receiver that can receive data directly from Davis weather devices (and others).

Supported Things

This binding support 2 different things types

Thing Type Description
meteostick_bridge Bridge This is the Meteostick USB stick
meteostick_davis_iss Thing This is the Davis Vue ISS

Binding Configuration

The Meteostick things need to be manually added - there is no discovery in the Meteostick binding.

First add and configure the Meteostick bridge - the port and frequency band for your region need to be set. Next add the sensor and configure the channel number.

Thing Configuration

meteostick_bridge Configuration Options

Option Description
port Sets the serial port to be used for the stick
mode Sets the mode (frequency band)

Set mode to one of the following depending on your device and region:

Mode Device Region Frequency
0 Davis North America 915 Mhz
1 Davis Australia 915 Mhz
2 Davis Europe 868 Mhz
3 Fine Offset North America 915 Mhz
4 Fine Offset Europe 868 Mhz
5 Davis New Zealand 931.5 Mhz

meteostick_davis_iss Configuration Options

Option Description
channel Sets the RF channel used for this sensor



Channel Type ID Item Type Description
pressure Number Air pressure
indoor-temperature Number Indoor temperature

Davis ISS

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
outdoor-temperature Number Outside temperature
humidity Number Humidity
wind-direction Number Wind direction
wind-speed Number Wind speed
rain-raw Number Raw rain counter from the tipping bucket sensor
rain-currenthour Number The rainfall in the last 60 minutes
rain-lasthour Number The rainfall in the previous hour
solar-power Number Solar power from the sensor station
signal-strength Number Received signal strength
low-battery Number Low battery warning


There are three channels associated with rainfall. The raw counter from the tipping bucket is provided, the rainfall in the last 60 minutes is updated on each received rainfall and provides the past 60 minutes of rainfall. The rainfall in the previous hour is the rainfall for each hour of the day and is updated on the hour.

Full Example

Things can be defined in the .thing file as follows

meteostick:meteostick_bridge:receiver [ port="/dev/tty.usbserial-AI02XA60", mode=1 ]
meteostick:meteostick_davis_iss:iss (meteostick:meteostick_bridge:receiver) [ channel=1 ]