PLCLogo Binding

This binding provides native support of Siemens Logo! PLC devices. Communication with Logo is done via Moka7 library. Currently only two devices are supported: 0BA7 (Logo! 7) and 0BA8 (Logo! 8). Additionally multiple devices are supported. Different families of Logo! devices should work also, but was not tested now due to lack of hardware.

Binding works nicely at least 100ms polling rate.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/plclogo.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
<plcname>.host   Yes IP address of the LOGO! PLC
<plcname>.remoteTSAP   Yes TSAP (in hex) of the remote LOGO! PLC, as configured by LogoSoft Comfort. Common used value is 0x0200.
<plcname>.localTSAP   Yes TSAP (in hex) to be used by the local instance. Common used value is 0x0300.
refresh 5000 No polling interval, in milliseconds, to be used when querying the Logo!

Item Configuration

Follow blocks can be read from on both device types: I, Q, M, AI, AQ and AM. For Logo! 8 devices NI, NQ, NAI and NAQ are supported additionally. Contact items are used for digital inputs, Switch items for digital inputs/outputs and Number items for analog inputs/outputs.

Writing to the PLC can be done via VB (byte values) and VW (word values) for both device types. Use Switch items for writing of digital and Number of analog values.

The configuration pattern for Contact and Switch items is:


Configuration pattern of Number items is:



Switch ReadOutputQ13 {plclogo="plc:Q13"}

read value of output block Q13 from Logo! device named ‘plc’

Switch ReadWriteBinaryValue {plclogo="plc:VB0.0"} }

read/write binary input block mapped to VB address 0, bit 0

Number ReadWriteAnalogValue {plclogo="plc:VW5"}

read/write analog input block mapped to VW address 5