Raspberry Pi RC Switch Binding

This binding enables the management of remote controlled (RC) switches via a 433-MHz transmitter connected to a Raspberry Pi. It can be used with a 433-MHz transmitter connected to a Raspberry Pi as described in this assembly instruction.

transmitter (left) and receiver (right)

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/rpircswitch.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
gpioPin   Yes GPIO port from which the RC transmitter receives its data

Item Configuration

This binding only supports Switch items, which can be configured with the following syntax:

Switch YourItemName { rpircswitch="<groupAddress>:<deviceAddress>" }


  • <groupAddress> is the ID of the switch group
  • <deviceAddress> is the ID of the switch within the group

Group and device address can usually be configured in the RC switch device by adjusting DIP switches.



Switch	SleepingRoom	{ rpircswitch="11111:4" }
Switch	LivingRoom		{ rpircswitch="11111:1" }


Switch item=SleepingRoom label="Sleeping Room"
Switch item=LivingRoom label="Living Room"