Wemo Binding

This binding integrates the Belkin WeMo Family. The integration happens either through the WeMo-Link bridge (feature still to come) which acts as an IP gateway to the ZigBee devices, or through Wi-Fi connection to standalone devices.

There is also a binding specifically for openHAB 2 here.

Binding Configuration

The Wemo binding needs no configuration.

Item Configuration

The syntax of the binding configuration strings accepted is the following:


If you are not sure about your WeMo devices<UDN>, have a look in the openHAB log file. The binding lists all discovered WeMo devices when it is started.

The channel type of your item definition is optional, it will default to channel type state. The following channel types are possible for Insight switch devices:

<channel-type> Description
state Whether the device is on or off
lastChangedAt DateTime the device was last turned on or off
lastOnFor Time in seconds the device was last turned on for
onToday Time in seconds the device has been on for today
onTotal Time in seconds the device has been on for in total over timespan period
timespan Time in seconds over which onTotal applies. Typically 2 weeks except when device first used
averagePower Average power in Watts. Unclear how this is calculated exactly
currentPower Current power usage in Watts. 0 if switched off
energyToday Energy in Wh used today
energyTotal Energy in Wh used in total
standbyLimit Minimum amount of energy draw required to register state as on



Switch Socket1               { wemo="Socket-1-0-12345678" }
Switch Insight1              { wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321" }
Number Insight_currentPower  "Current Power [%.0f]"  { wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321;currentPower" }
Number Insight_onToday       "On Today [%.0f]"       { wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321;onToday" }
Number Insight_onTotal       "On Total [%.0f]"       { wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321;onTotal" }
Number Insight_energyToday   "Energy Today [%.0fWh]" { wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321;energyToday" }
Contact Motion1              { wemo="Sensor-1-0-56437891" }