All add-ons for openHAB 2 are part of the distribution. This includes all new 2.0 bindings as well as all 1.x add-ons that were reported to be compatible. Add-ons can be easily installed through the Paper UI (menu entry “Add-ons”).

Add-on Type Description
Bindings Bindings integrate physical hardware, external systems and web services in openHAB
User Interfaces User interfaces are either native smartphone apps or web applications that access the openHAB server through the REST API
Persistence Persistence services allow openHAB to store time series data for history-based actions or statistics
Actions Actions are predefined methods for openHAB rules and scripts
Transformations Transformations are used to translate between technical and human-readable values for items
Voice Services Services that provide voice enabling features, such as text-to-speech, speech-to-text etc.
3rd Party System Integration Expose openHAB to external systems